Israel failed to assassinate Qassem Soleimani a couple of months ago, so Netanyahu called up his employee, Donald Trump, to use American assets to do what the Israelis failed to do.

The Democrats and the Republicans – both parties firmly in the pay of AIPAC, the Ashekanzi mass media, and Ghislaine Maxwell’s child sex blackmail ring, have neatly captured Trump. If Trump steps out of line, he’ll be impeached and sent to prison for his many crimes he’s committed as a life-long criminal.

Americans don’t know who Qassem Soleimani was. In fact, well meaning conservatives were aghast when meeting some of the goyims in the Conservative Inc. establishment who don’t even know the difference between Sunni and Shia.

It was Soleimani who defeated ISIS and Al Qaeda in Iraq. Americans – especially white conservatives – think that America is fighting ISIS and Al-Qaeda is Iraq and Syria, an inversion of reality. ISIS was created by America, Saudi Arabia, and Israel in order to attack Israel’s neighbors, especially the secular, “moderate” governments, and replace them with a backward Salafist theocracy that oppresses Shia and Christians.

ISIS and Al Qaeda have never attacked Israel; on the contrary, Israel provides assisstance on the ground for the terrorists.

Americans don’t know because no one will tell them. They think Al-Qaeda did 9/11 – which they did, sort of, if you understand that Al Qaeda was always a proxy force for America and it’s boss, Israel.

Trump fans aren’t sure what to make of it all. They cheered when Trump said he’ll “bomb the hell out of ISIS” and if they were paying attention at all – which they weren’t – they would be confused as to why the USA is hell bent on taking down one of ISIS’s worst enemies, President Assad of Syria.

Even Trump is confused. Trump once mused, why not just let ISIS take down Assad? He was greated with outrage by both Republicans like Mitt Romney and Democrats, all repeating talking points written for them by their paymasters in AIPAC.

Certainly this author, from day one, explained that Trump was wholly in the bag for the foreign state of Israel. Trump spent the entire Obama administration attacking the President for NOT sucking up to Israel enough, spreading conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate written for him by the Israeli Orly Taitz, the “Birther Queen.”

The mass media loved Obama, but always had to carefully tip-toe around what was happening lest the Israeli hand slip out from under the velvet glove.

And of course Trump’s entire family is Israeli. His prize daughter literally rejected Jesus Christ to convert to some backward orthodox Jew sect so her children would be Israeli citizens. Her husband, the odious Jared Kushner, is himself the son of a notorious Mossad agent.

Trump is of course “aware” of the Mishpucka; he has been a life long front man for them. Just consider the career of Trump’s “personal lawyer” and “fixer” Michael Cohen.

But Trump has his own interests and realizes he’s in way over his head now. Now he’s in the catbird seat, and he has to do what he’s told – but there are different factions telling him to do different things. He’s caught between a factional fight between Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak; he’s caught between the Israelis (who love him) and American Jews (who hate him) and he’s perfectly aware either side would gladly sacrifice him when he is no longer useful, and that the Israelis and American Jews love each other like family; the fight is a family fight and when an outside intervenes the two sides will unite to fight the outsider.

The US Empire has no imperial interest in the Middle East. The Saudi model works quite well: the US provides protection for oil producers who in turn sell oil for dollars. The actual American imperialists wanted to sustain this model with Saddam Hussein, who would have gladly sided with the US – again, as he did against Iran – in return for protection and would have gladly made whatever economic arrangements the US required.

But the US cannot fulfill its own imperial interests in the Middle East, because American is controlled by Zionists who overrule US imperial interests for the interests of Israel.

The grossly corrupt Sunni Arab oligarchs are a problem neither for Israel nor the USA.

But Hezbollah is. Hezbollah is the militia of the Shia people who protects the Shia minority – along with Christians – from the Sunni terrorists and their Israeli sponsors.

Israel is afraid of Iran, rightly, because Iran is a real country with a real military that cannot be defeated and is able to check Israeli terrorism and expansion. Hezbollah, sponsored by Iran, has defeated Israel in Lebanon and Syria and elsewhere.

And everyone in the world – Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and even Africa – know this and cheer for Hezbollah. American white conservatives alone love Israel and Jews, because they are brainwashed by mass media.

The Zionist entity – which includes American Jews, the Ashkenazi mass media, and the organized crime ring known as the “Mishpucka” – are a parasite infecting the brain of the US Empire, which WILL die, likely sooner than later.

Then the whole world will act against the Zionist entity and their sponsors across the world. Israel will fall; it’s only a matter of time.

I sympathize with the Palestinians because I live under Zionist occupation too. The enemy of my enemy isn’t necessarily by friend, but they are the enemy of my enemy.

Ten years ago Ron Paul and the anti-war faction of the libertarians, centered around the website, started naming Ashkenazi and Israeli names. The younger white conservative started to realize what their boomer parents never did: the American wars in the Middle East are for Israel, and no one else.

Hence, the panic of the neo-conservatives, who started the odious “neo-reactionary” movement and it’s populist centerpiece for the left end of the bell curve, Eventually, they propped up their long time asset, reality TV actor, professional wrestling personality, and money laundry front man, the clown Donald Trump.

They all fell for it, and those who didn’t still went along because there wasn’t much choice anyway.

But it’s not 2007 anymore, and it sure as hell isn’t 2001. Everyone under 40 knows perfectly well that the wars in the Middle East are for Israel, and no one else. They are not “wars for oil” they are wars for Israel.

Those who deny this are increasingly being exposed for what they are: Zionists, or simply cowards.

Israel will fall, Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia will win. It is in the cards and it’s only a matter of time. My fervent hope is that I live to see that day, which I very well might.

Once Israel falls and once their fifth column of Ashkenazis in the West fall with them, America will be free.

I honor Qassem Soleimani, may he rest in peace and his legend live on.

Be watchful for new conservative Republican leaders – if they suck up to Israel, know that they are both being paid and they have also been videotaped at Ghislaine Maxwell’s underage shiksa sex parties.

The cat is out of the bag, and you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Everyone knows it, just most are still afraid to say it.

They can keep banning us from social media but more and more will continue to pop up and they can’t ban us all.

Once the white boomers die off no whites will give two shits about Jews, the Holocaust, or the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine. Blacks hate Jews, the “Latinos” don’t give a damn about Israel, the Asians and Desis are salivating at the thought of replacing them.

Whites will be too busy surviving to care about Jews and no whites under 40 have any illusions, much less sympathy, for them.

If they come for the guns in Virginia, or if they try to stage another false-flag attack like 9/11, it’s bugaloo time. And they know that, which is why they won’t do either.

Interesting times.