It seems the taboo is breaking down. Soon, the only people afraid to discuss Ashkenazi and Zionist power will be white Boomer conservative Americans.

Ghislaine Maxwell — the British socialite who’s long been accused of serving as Jeffrey Epstein’s madam — is hiding in a series of safe houses and is being “protected because of the information she has on the world’s most powerful people.”

An explosive new report has asserted that deceased sex criminal Jeffery Epstein and his alleged ‘madame’ Ghislaine Maxwell were foreign intelligence ‘assets’, and that she is currently hiding in a safehouse in Israel.

How much longer will right-wing conservative whites in America – and Brazil – continue to proudly flaunt their “Mossad” t-shirts?

How much longer will conservative Evangelicals continue to bow and scrape before the people literally raping their daughters?

Will the next President, whoever it is, still make that trek to the Jerusalem “Whining Wall” and if they do, how quickly will people wonder if they have been partaking in raping children provided by Israeli pimps?

When African-Americans continue to attack Ashkenazis in New York, right now liberal Ashkenazis still try to deny the obvious by whining about “white supremacism” and Trump’s “anti-semitism” but even the libs are starting to notice.

Who on the right still buys Prager U and Ben Shapiro? If they couldn’t channel white America’s racial intincts into hating Muslims overseas, what would they have left?

Could they get away with a war against Iran? Boots on the ground aren’t even a possibility, but who would even cheer for air strikes? Let’s say Tucker Carlson went full neo-con – wouldn’t that just alienate his base? And who even watches Sean Hannity who doesn’t also wear adult diapers?

The tech censorship has been effective, certainly, but that isn’t going to all of a sudden get young white, right-leaning men to buy into the Prager U/Ben Shapiro propaganda – which, let’s not forget, only gets any views because it’s heavily, heavily astro-turfed. It’s not “content” as much as it is “paid advertisement.”

With the Lesbian vs. Transgender war heating up on the left, there is less time, resources, and energy to promote LGBTQA++ to young whites. Young white males have already progressed from an uneasy “tolerance” to “open disdain.”

White anti-whites are either ignored, or mocked, by most normal whites. White anti-whiteness is not growing, on the contrary, they are being rejected by whites and when they try to retreat into the arms of their pet Peoples of Colors, they are met with open, violent hostility.

White anti-whites have no where to go. Despite what social media tells you, the facts on the ground show the opposite. The “anti-racism” hysteria increasingly exists only online and in highly colonized spaces like liberal arts universities.

GOP Delenda Est. Viva Palestine. It’s OK to be white.