I read a number of Chomsky’s books in college. I took them at face value, but as I got older I realized Chomsky’s basic motivation.

He wrote thousands of pages about “the corporate media” and never once discussed the ethnic agenda. Just look at what happened to Rick Sanchez.

When JFK documents were to be released in the late 80s and the film JFK renewed interest in the story, Chomsky wrote a book titled “The Myth of Camelot” trying to tear down JFK’s aura on the left, and trying to undermine the case that JFK’s assassination had something to do with Vietnam. It’s likely because he was worried some of the Jewish crime figures and Israeli-firsters involved in the assassination might get some publicity.

In the late 90s, all of a sudden Chomsky was writing about the Kurds and attacking Turkey for suppressing them. Not coincidentally, this was at the time the Israelis were using the Kurds as a proxy against their neighbors.

Chomsky gave the most dishonest and stupefyingly unbelievable explanation for the 9/11 attacks, blatantly lied about a number of aspects of the attacks, and smeared the 9/11 truth movement.

When asked about the Federal Reserve system, Chomsky defended it and denounced the opposition to it.

When the book “The Israel Lobby” came out, Chomsky went ballistic and attacked the authors. He wrote an article denouncing it even before he read it. He followed up with more attacks and at a speech blatantly lied suggesting that the establishment was pushing this narrative and that the book had been positively received in the mainstream media. The reality? The authors couldn’t even find an American publisher for their foundational article and had to have it published in the London Review.

Chomsky has actually blamed Americans, and Christians, for the Israeli treatment of Palestinians, suggesting that the US puts pressure on the Israelis to treat the Palestinians harshly and blamed “white colonialism” for Israeli racism. He even tried to deflect by talking about Australia.

Add all of these idiosyncrasies up and it becomes clear: Chomsky is a left-wing gatekeeper whose goal is to align the American left with Zionism and Israel’s policies, and to deflect attention away from Jewish power. It is his defining feature, and even some principled Jewish leftists have noted it.

Thurgood says: December 30, 2019 at 5:40 pm The notion that the Empire runs on Whig Liberalism is on the same order of absurdity as Chomsky’s assertion that The Academy is, in any meaningful sense, right-wing. Moldbug is virtually identical to Chomsky, despite delivering an apt critique of activism in this case, due to both men delivering a body of work apologetic towards tribal interests and openly hostile to their rivals.

I’ve made the same comparison between Chomsky and Moldbug for a while now, I believe just a few weeks ago on my blog.

Both are highly-ethnocentric Ashkenazis, Zionists, and devoted to obscuring Ashkenazi power by various kinds of distraction. For Moldbug’s case, he was a creation of the neo-conservatives that bought The Atlantic and the basic point was to defang the growing libertarian movement around Ron Paul and AntiWar.com – which was the only place on the right that ever critiqued Zionism and Ashkenazi ethnocentrism and was proving highly influential among young white men.

The fact that the right takes seriously the notion of “Whig liberalism” having any sort of influence and continues to use the blatantly obvious propaganda term “The Cathedral” shows just how effective the neo-conservatives calling themselves “neo-reaction” have been.

Moldbug has now reappeared, working for a neo-conservative think tank.

M Adams 4 years ago So good to hear TRUTH in public– out loud…outting Chomsky, Bennis, Zunes, Plitnik, Goodman for their consistently careful omissions and evasions…..on how they never ever confront /challenge Aipac..and their total silence on the pro-israel think tanks (like: Jinsa, FPI, Winep, AEI ) that’s what gate-keepers do. thanks to Jeff for his consistently pro justice, pro Truth, pro Palestinian work for decades….!!