One of the most amazing things about human nature is the ability of people to ignore the obvious. Sometimes it is just a “flex” as the kids say these days, but just as often people are fooling themselves.

On January 24, 2000, NSA headquarters suffered a total network outage for three days caused by an overloaded network. … (Some incoming traffic was also directed instead to Britain’s GCHQ for the time being.)

Ah yes, an “overloaded network” caused a total shutdown in 2000.

The “debate” over the Chinese company Huawei is quite interesting. USA is trying to block Huawei from basically taking over Europe, North America, and everywhere else with their excellent and cheap technology. Any time a Western company does something, Huawei just undercuts them on price.

So, Google boycotts Huawei, so what does Huawei do? They just replace Google. Android OS is just Linux plus Google “services.” So, Huawei just makes their own version of Linux and repoints the “services” to their servers. Done.

It actually isn’t rocket science.

Really, the tech isn’t all that complicated. Google is just a surveillance company. At least on the consumer side, nothing they do is all that complicated. Facebook is even more simplistic.

China has already figured out the game, and the USA Empire has no ability to counter them. What does India care? What does the various African companies care? They may as well deal with Huawei, which is cheaper anyway.

Truly, once Russia and China finally drop SWIFT for their own financial transaction system, what is left for the US Empire?

The reserve status of the dollar is based on law; as Ethnarch pointed out, the Chinese are fully able to comply with Western style financial regulations and bank transparency, but they don’t yet seem to understand the reason.

The reason is trust; it’s a social value. Believe it or not, Western banking is still the gold standard because it follows the rules rather scrupulously.

But at the top? At the level of the Fed? They just print the stuff, they just keep adding numbers. Their rhetoric fools no one. Everyone understands that when they talk of “bond vigalantes” that is mere Wall Street Journal euphemism.

The US Empire won’t collapse; it can’t collapse, it is anti-fragile.

But what is going to happen – what is happening – is the rest of the world will just stop pretending. Then, the dollar just declines, slowly at first, then all at once.

There are no secrets anymore and this new era of transparency how shown us that, frankly, humans are rather menial.

Internet conspiracy theorists love to imagine the elites are “Satanic Illuminati” that torture children for their adrenal glands. But these rumors only exist only to make the reality less banal.

As we see, the nature of the elite is quite banal. Other than some sociopaths, the only real sexual scandal is the elite like having sex with 16 year old white girls. What Epstein and Maxwell were doing is quite banal. There may or may not be some weird “rough trade” type stuff, like Kevin Spacey. But typically? Most of it is quite banal; young white women, mostly rather vanilla.

None of this is lost on China, nor Russia. In fact, Russia has likely known this for a long time too. Russia understands Europe, Russian understands NATO.

Does the US even have leverage anymore? Even Germany would rather buy Russian gas directly and only pays lip service to the second-rate US companies.

They are spying on everyone everwhere – but what is that getting them? Why even bother considering that everyone is always posting every shit they take on social media. What secrets?

The only intelligence worth getting is who is organizing, and this typically isn’t a secret either.

Western taboos – like “racism” or “anti-semitism” – are simply not taboos anywhere else. What does India care about Palestine? What does China care about “white privilege?” Why should Russia care about “women’s rights?”

As someone once posted, if what they teach at Harvard was of value, it would be a trade secret. Is SJW-ism a trade secret? No, quite the contrary, they go out of their way to publicize SJW-ism as wide as possible.

Just like with media – if they give it away for free, then YOU are the product, not the customer.