White women are the greatest. White women are the most beautiful, most feminine, smartest and most interesting women on earth.

There’s no comparison. Pretty much ALL White guys want a White woman, for obvious reasons that requires no explanations. We are perfectly matched.

ONLY White women can truly pair with a White man.

Are White women troublesome? Oh yes, they are. Which makes it all the sweeter. White women are like a “lock” that only White men have a “key” or “combination” to.

When you finally “unlock” a White woman, you truly have something of immense value.

I pity White men that resort to imperialism and settle for a non-white woman. It’s second-class, at best, if not worse than that.

White women aren’t “goddesses.” Quite the contrary – they are troublesome, and often annoying. But there is no greater reward. Capture one, tame one, and you will be happy for the rest of your life.