If you’re soured on Richard Spencer, at least you can still admit he’s an expert at finding people even more clueless than he is to position as seconds, thus making himself appear superior by comparison. It’s essentially the tactic of a 14 year old girl who hangs around with the pretty but kind-of chubby girl.

In this case it’s the Brit Dr Edward Dutton. AKA Jolly Heretic*. I don’t know enough about the British to know whether he is “posh” or not but I can recognize this counter-signaling against the “middle class” and the “Puritans” to know he’s not getting any of this from the traditional British upper-class, but instead is regurgitating Curtis Yarvin’s blatantly obvious NRx astroturf.

The insane hatred of the Posterity of the American Founding Fathers, the actual life-and-blood, blood-and-soil Americans, the Pioneers, actually comes not from the people who have replaced us, but instead is our own people all of a sudden choosing to “suicide.”

No matter how many times this ridiculousness gets debunked, these ideas keep gaining currency on the neo-right, and precisely for that reason. Right-wingers, by nature, submit to power. They love power. I’ll never forget the truly personal admission of an NRx-er who pointed out how he loves traffick court because he gets a (likely sexual) thrill seeing ordinary people have to say “yes, sir” and “no, sir” to some work-a-day judge in traffic court, lest they be sent to jail along with Africans for not properly tipping their hat to power.

He actually said he wanted them to start wearing those gay faux-wigs covering their hair like they do in England.

This is right-wing “anti-egalitarianism” and “traditionalism” in a nutshell. It’s crabs-in-the-bucket syndrome. You may not like the objectively superior peer, but at least you can see him taken down a notch by an ossified class and political structure. It’s a deformed republican sentiment, the objectively inferior want to see their enemies humiliated by a “wise king” or a “wise oligarchy” not in the interest of any real defense of “hierarchy” but instead as simply revenge against objective superiors by appealing to “authority” and “tradition.”

What do they call the White version of Uncle Tom? Uncle Tim? The White version of Uncle Ruckus.

Unfortunately, other, smarter pro-Whites – I’m not going to name names but you can guess the guy who hates Richard Spencer – also constantly counter-signal against “bourgeois values” and declares himself a defender of “aristocratic values.” This person – having no family and no children – denigrates Whites who do have children and wants a “good life.” But instead of actually forming some sort of “mannerbund” of actually sexually healthy White families, instead wants a sterile class of males to “lead” us. Which would be fine, if he and his friends could actually do that. But despite a lot of words, there’s no reason to believe that leadership is forthcoming.

The Mormons are clearly superior.

Run Unz, an Ashkenazi, has thoroughly debunked Curtis Yarvin’s clever misdirection that the American Ivy League is run by “post-Puritan Calvinists” with hard numbers. Everyone knows that the core of the social status in America – the 20th century mass electronic media of cinema, radio, television, and now social media – is completely controlled by groups like the ADL that are not, in any way, shape, nor form “White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.”

Yet neo-rightists still continue to smell their own farts which they are convinced smell wonderful by non-WASPs like Curtis Yarvin on the blogs. They still use such silly, ridiculous phrases like “The Cathedral” to describe Harvard – a core center of Zionist power that utterly supressed the BDS movement – AND the Donald Trump regime, which does exactly the same thing.

Not to mention CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, which also demonizes BDS while at the exact same time defaming the Americans – the founding stock of America, the progeny of the Founding Fathers, as “white racist KKK neo-nazi Hitler” etc.

It’s so transparent. The neo-right are fooling no one. But we just don’t have the numbers anymore, and apparently we don’t have the number of shills able to put out this crap on social media, the last place we even have a voice, much less any reach.

Let’s see. the original post-WWII “White Nationalist” George Lincoln Rockwell was an employee of the homosexual J. Edgar Hoover, who was being blackmailed by the Ashkenazi Mishpucka organized crime ring, reading speeches written for him by an Ashkenazi Jew.

We still have supposed “White Nationalists” – also homosexuals – also repeating the talking points of Ashkenazis like Curtis Yarvin about “The Cathedral.”

I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but isn’t it rather obvious what is going on?

*Thanks to a commenter for the correction. Tom Woods is the Irishman on the right, Dr Edward Dutton, AKA Jolly Heretic is the Brit in the middle spouting the typical (((Curtis Yarvin))) hatred for WASPs and the middle class.