An old rant:

I actually remember writing that. I’m a follower of Ernest Hemingway – “write drunk, edit sober” but I typically ignore the latter part. This was an epic rant and I’m proud of it, although I’ll never be great because I suck at spelling and get my tenses confused by my run on sentences. My old online friend from MWIR/AS Clytemnestra used to tease me about this, and I accept the criticism.

I’m just a working class Presby Scots-Irish American with bougie pretensions and never claimed otherwise. West Virginia, mountain mamma.

The Alt-Right sucks. The two greatest Americans post-TV, post-60s, are Kevin MacDonald and Bob Whitaker. If we had listened to Kevin MacDonald and Bob Whitaker, we wouldn’t be having all these problems.

It’s not a coincidence that Bob Whitaker was CIA. He spent his last years holed up in South Carolina desperately trying to get people to pay attention. MacDonald finally fled California for Wisconsin with his wife as soon as he got his pension. I had to flee America because I accidentally figured out who was running the media – who was employing me – and my Hindu boss realized I figured it out, so his Ashkenazi handlers started threatening me.

I remember it like it was yesterday: the yenta in the cubicle next to mine started feeling me out by offering me bacon – to prove she wasn’t kosher, just a normal white liberal – while at the same time accusing me of being “Mel Gibson.” I had accidentally spilled the beans online about 9/11. I finally figured out why they were paying me to do nothing, to shut me up about 9/11.

I finally realized that that hot rocker chick with the shaved hoo-ha was being paid to distract me. Exactly like they did with so many FDNYs. I refused to sign any of their paperwork, I refused to take the payoffs. Frankly, I kind of do regret that. I’d be in a much better financial situation if I did, and it’s not like my moral posturing paid off. Americans are fucking stupid.

Quite literally, it is White Genocide. They absolutely, openly, plan to murder whites. The only people left will be white girls they can sexually traffick, like Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell. They will keep us around as a small, enslaved breeding population.

Just look at California, Silicon Valley, Alphabet/Google, Apple, Oracle. The feminists are right – look at how the CEOs openly use their cubicle-dwelling females as sex objects. (Puritan White Lady feminists are 100% correct.) If you’re a white women and you DON’T fuck the boss, you get sidelineed. And who are these bosses? Um, isn’t it obvious? Ashkenazis and half-whites/half-Americans/non-WASPs like Bezos, etc.

It’s it weird how a totally compromised CEO like Elon Musk gets so much media attention, despite being a second-rater, basically just a front?

Once you see it – you cannot un-see it. The really powerful never get media attention. They always publicize the “goys” in the media. That is exactly how the game is played. Look what they did to Bill Gates. He was a truly powerful WASP, a brilliant man despite being an autistic freak. Once he touched the third rail, once he pushed-back against the network, they took him down via the Clinton administration’s “anti-monopoly” activism.

Who took over Microsoft after Gates? Um … Who runs Microsoft now? Um … a Hinud.

It’s perfectly obvious once you see it. We are the racial enemy. We, actual Americans, the people who founded America, the literal progeny of the American founding fathers, are being genocided. All whites – all Europeans – face this, but it is specifically the Anglo-German Americans (“WASPs”) that are first on the chopping-block.

The best way to understand this is the “Mafia Model.” The (((Hollywood))) movies are accurate, except they only show the Sicilian/Italian side, never the Jewish side, because the Jewish side went “legit” and became the establishment in California and Illinois. The one movie that showed the Jewish side was Once Upon A Time In America, brilliantly explained here:

In fact, this guy gets it right. I’m also going to shill for the Australian series “Underbelly” which does an amazing, brilliant, job of documenting the Aussie version of what happened.

I love Australia because only in Australia can you have a character like “Phil the Jew” without either hysterical pearl-clutching about “anti-semitism” nor absurd Catholic superstitious anti-semitism like “THE JEW” or insane religious nutjobbery like E. Michael Jones.

It just is what it is – ethnic competition. Thank Jew-God for athiest White intellectual Darwinists like Kevin MacDonald.

Soon, very soon, the US Empire will fall. We will all read imperialist lackeys like the homosexual Karl Rove in hindsight and understand how USA Inc. rose and fell. Plenty of academics will write histories comparing us to ancient Rome, etc.

The question, for me at least, is whether or not my people – Americans – will survive on the North American continent. I advocate USA and Canada forming a super-state of whiteness spanning from the Rio Grande to the North Pole. I want Quebec as a special reservation along side with our other diverse unique little cultures, underneath an umbrella of whiteness.

Has anyone read VoxDay? An interesting guy.

I don’t literally believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ just like I don’t literally believe in the Moon Landings. I’m not going to argue over them or worry about them too much. These events are beyond my personal empirical reality.

One of the major differences between me and a Boomer is that I was never particularly influenced by the 1960s Television culture. Other than watching silly cartoons when I was a child, I just never sat in front of the TV. It was instead the early days of the World Wide Web that influenced me, and the early days of the World Wide Web was quite a kind-of “wild west” of open inquiry and “conspiracy theories” outside of the control of the “mainstream media” of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc.