Ever since Trump won the idea of a “deep state” started gaining currency among pro-Trumpers. The mass media first attacked this talking point as a “conspiracy theory” only to later start claiming that yes, there is a Deep State and it’s good that the Deep State is “protecting democracy from Trump.”

Both Republicans and Democrats have decided that the “Deep State” is really just the federal bureaucracy; this is because this idea supports the narrative of both Republicans and Democrats. Republicans pretend they are for small government and against the “bureacrats in Washington.” Democrats like to see themselves as supporters of “good government.”

So you see the QAnon type Trumpers claiming that Donald Trump, along with the Patriotic Military, is fighting an occult battle with the federal bureacrats, still under the power of the Clintons. Meanwhile, the Democrats have become the party of the CIA and the FBI, praising “the intelligence community” for outing Trump as a Russian spy.

It’s all patently absurd.

Nothing has annoyed me in the last decade as the rise of Curtis Yarvin’s Neo-Reactionary movement. As described by Kevin MacDonald, NRx is just another Jewish intellectual movement meant to distract from Jewish power; in the specific case of Yarvin, the point was to tamp down the growing opposition to the neo-conservatives and Zionist wars by the growing libertarian movement surrounding Ron Paul. Yarvin just repackaged conservative and libertarian talking points in shiny new terminology and then was given widespread attention in what is now clearly seen as yet another astroturf campaign, specifically by the circle of neo-conservatives that took over The Atlantic magazine.

Yarvin does a credible job describing the typical conservative view of the federal bureaucracy in his “An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters.”


A big part of the early 20th century Progressive reforms was creating “professional” government workers. Under the old party system, all federal (and state) government jobs were essentially just graft – they were handouts for your supporters and fundraisers. The Progressives wanted “good government” so they created a “professionalized” bureaucracy that would be “above politics.”

Yarvin points out how it works: the only political jobs in Washington are listed in the “Plum Book” – these can still be used as graft. But these jobs turn over with ever election. The “professional” bureaucracy stays. And Yarvin also neatly describes how the bureaucracy works with the mass media. If a Republican does something to actually challenge the sytem, one of the “professional” bureacrats will leak to the press, and then the press will write an article about the evil Republican “politicizing” government. In true Orwellian style, “democracy” is good but “political” is bad, so when the people actually put pressure on the system, that is “populism” or even a “failure of democracy.”

Yarvin adds nothing new really, this has been a standard conservative complaint for a long time. The professional federal bureaucracy is virtually all socially liberal, progressive Democrats. Washington DC is a Democratic city and Republicans from fly over country have always been the outsiders. The federal bureaucracy and the media work together to keep conservatives from challenging the system; the Republicans are the outer party.

So the QAnon Trumpers – and the Democratic mass media – both support this idea of calling the federal bureaucracy “the Deep State.” Right-wingers love the military so claim that Trump and the “red team” – the good guys, real manly military men – are fighting against the bureacrats and the media. The Democrats believe that the good, professional bureacrats in Washington are trying to stop Trump’s “interference” and “politicizing” government. And as a stand in for the military, the Democrats are now claiming “the intelligence community” as their own, good professional in the FBI and the CIA fighting against Trump, who is controlled by Putin.

Both Republicans and Democrats are pushing this narrative of “the Deep State” because it reinforces their own views of themselves.

But that isn’t what the Deep State is, at all. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are getting this wrong.

The real “Deep State” appeared in public, in a extremely dramtic way, with the arrest and eventual not-suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.

Where did the term “Deep State” come from?

It came from Turkey.

On Novermber 3, 1996, a car crash happened in the town of Susurluk, Turkey. What made this car crash a huge scandal was who was riding in the car.

  1. Abdullah Çatlı, a drug lord and a terrorist.
  2. Çatlı’s girlfriend, the beauty queen, model, and celebrity Gonca Us.
  3. Huseyin Kocadağ, a senior police official
  4. Sedat Bucak, a member of parlianent.

Turkey and America are very different societies, but imagine what it would suggest if there was a car crash that included Chuck Schumer, James Comey, El Chapo, and El Chapo’s girlfriend Taylor Swift.

There is simply no legitimate reason why politicians, police chiefs, drug kingpins and Hollywood celebrities should be in a car driving around together.


What the Susurluk Car Crash revealed was a Turkish “Deep State” that included the political officials, law enforcement, the mafia, and celebrities.

Is there such a Deep State in America? A Deep state that includes the official government, organized crime, and Hollywood celebrities?

Of course there is. And it burst into the public eye with the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell scandal. Because the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking ring included all four aspects of a “Deep State” – government officials, law enforcement, organized crime – and Hollywood celebrities.

Don’t let the Republicans and the Democrats – and people like Curtis Yarvin – fool you. The real “Deep State” is not the federal bureaucracy of the “professional” civil service. The US military brass are not rock ribbed real manly patriotic Repubicans. The CIA and the FBI are not heroically trying to stop Trump from selling the country to Putin.

The real Deep State is the intersection of official government, law enforcement, organized crime, and Hollywood celebrity (and mass media in general.)

Many great articles have been written about the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking and blackmail rings. But there’s an even more obvious example of “the Deep State” personified in one man.

And that man is, of course, Donald J. Trump.

Let’s see. Trump is a government official, the President of the United States. He is a Hollywood celebrity, literally a TV actor and professional wrestling personality. And he has a long, long history of working with the intelligence agencies and organized crime. In fact, Trump’s “mob ties” were always a part of his appeal. His buying into Atlantic City Casinos were tabloid fodder for years and years.

It’s astonishing how Donald Trump, one of the most famous people in America for my entire life, daily covered in the media for decades, who has lived his personal and business life right out in the open, has somehow had his past seemingly forgotten by both his fans and detractors alike.