The CIA started as the OSS. It was created by FDR to fight World War II. It was a sister organization to Britain’s MI5/6 and was infiltrated from the very beginning by the British Empire.

The late, great Charles Lindbergh had it completely correct: World War II was a project of the FDR administration, the British, and the Jews.

So what was the OSS? Basically it was a network of WASP bankers and Jews. The WASPs were the smartest, richest, most powerful people in America – really, the best America has to offer. They were all Freemasons and fraternity brothers from Ivy League schools and old money networks. They had international contacts.

What you have to understand is that these were bankers. People truly do not get how banking works, how finance works. Finance is how people cooperate and how people organize themselves. Bankers know how much money people have and what they spend it on. Banking is intelligence.

After the war, the OSS shut down as it had achieved its purpose. But Truman, stupidly, reformed it as the CIA. Who was left over after the OSS shut down? All the patriots, who had joined the OSS because they wanted to serve their country in the war in FDR’s new secret society, went back to their real jobs. The CIA was everyone left over – criminals, grifters, and those who wanted to use the government to enrich themselves.

Conventional wisdom says there are two sides of CIA. First, there are the analyists. These are simply academics that read books and newspapers and write reports. As the great ANolen explained, they are actually working in a highly restricted environment – they are only allowed to cite specific publications. For years, some of the analyists have been desperately trying to get CIA to deal with “open source intelligence” but really, the point is to restrict what the analyists can say.

The other side of CIA is para-military. These are the guys that kill people, bomb buildings, overthrow governments, etc. Current and former and ex-military, Special Forces, etc.

The best way to understand the US Empire is this article by The Z man:

It’s a community.

Back in the 60s it started to come out that virtually all of the “radicals” of the 60s were part of what was called “the liberal CIA.” The feminists, the anti-war hippies, the modern artists, rock bands (like Jim Morrison of the Doors), virtually everyone involved with TV were all, in one way or another, on the payroll of “the liberal CIA.”

The purpose of “the liberal CIA” was to promote a form of non-communist leftism. They wanted to blunt the appeal of communism and promote a capitalism-friendly form of liberalism both domestically and internationally. This is all well-known history, many have written about it.

You have to understand the different between CIA officers and CIA agents. CIA officers are actual employees of the agency. They get a paycheck every two weeks that reads “Central Intelligence Agency.”

CIA agents are people who work for the CIA in an unofficial capacity. Typically, they get paid by a front company. CIA never does anything in its own name, the whole thing is run via front companies.

Donald Trump is a perfect example of this. Again – well known history, you can read about it on wikipedia. An early CIA front company was the “Mary Carter Paint Company.” Literally, a chain of retail outlets like Home Depot. Eventually, the company went through a number of changes and become “Resorts International” which ran casinos. That’s how Trump first got big, by buying Atlantic City casinos with Resorts International.

Why would the CIA run casinos? Duh, to launder money.

Back in World War II, the FDR administration was terrified that the unions might strike and interrupt war production. So, the CIA made a deal with the mafia – the organized crime network, half Italian/Sicilian, half Ashkenazi Jewish. The mob controlled the unions and labor extortion was one of their main businesses.

Go watch an interview with Rudy Giuliani about how he took down the last remnants of the Sicilian mafia as a federal prosecutor in SDNY. Giuliani said that the mafia had infiltrated the mainstream American institutions more than any other unofficial group. The only thing comparable was the Freemasons, but the Freemasons were never an organization with their own agenda, the Freemasons were just WASPs themselves. They say the Church of England is the Tory party at prayer; the American Freemasons were simply the America elites leaving their wives at home to party. This is what Catholic fanatics like E. Michael Jones never understood, nor that laughable idiot Pope Leo XIII.

Ron Unz has done masterful work explaining how the Jewish side of the Mafia went “legit” and took over the government of California and other states.

Every schoolboy reads about how FDR got popular via his “fireside chats” on the radio. The cinema and the radio networks were, of course, enlisted in the service of propaganda since day one. The day after Pearl Harbor, FDR send the Feds to literally take over the studios of Walt Disney because they knew he was a Lindbergh sympathizer, an American-firster, and had to make sure his independent media company wouldn’t do or say anything anti-FDR. Disney resented this but his studio was put into service of FDR which is where you get all those anti-Nazi propaganda cartoons of Donald Duck, etc.

Operation Mockingbird is well known. The CIA doesn’t have CIA officers in the media, they have agents in the media. “Journalism” has always been a relatively low-paid job so virtually any newspaper man would gladly pad his paycheck with some cash in return for running CIA stories.

As the Z-man link about “The Community” shows, you had people like Katherine Graham of the Washington Post who ran a social circle that connected the journalists, CEOs, politicians, and spooks. It was all unofficial – these were simply social parties that all the rich people wanted to be invited too. And the rich people directly working for the CIA were there, recruiting friends and allies.

A great example of this sort of thing is the Washington Prayer Breakfast put on by what is called “the Family” of Doug Coe. It’s all totally unofficial; Coe has no power. He simply meets with people and arranges meeting with people. The Family is basically the remnants of the Christian WASP elite – one of the reasons it has generated so much hostile press is because it totally excludes Jews (and isn’t particularly welcoming to Catholics, either.)

Jesse Ventura explained it. When he actually won the governership of Minnesota, the CIA met with him off the record. He was an outsider, a joke candidate that no one took seriously but he actaully did run. So, Ventura is asking, why in the world is the CIA meeting with the governor of a US state?

The actual CIA – the people who have their paychecks signed by the Central Intelligence Agency, are the least important part of it. It’s the non-CIA employees that co-operate with the CIA and are granted cover via CIA front companies that do all the bad stuff. They are the ones that smuggle the cocaine and weapons. They are the ones that launder the money.

So you’re a rich CEO. Another rich guy who is a CIA officer meets with you unofficially, as just a social friend. Tells you, hey, this non-profit needs some money, help us out, and we’ll make sure you’ll get a kick back to your company in the next budget bill. Etc. It’s a community.

Consider David Duke. Duke is almost certainly a sincere guy. But ask yourself how such a dissident is able to travel to Iran and around the world. It’s because Duke cooperates with the CIA. Is the CIA pro-white? Not on your life, it’s anti-white. But they are perfectly willing to work with pro-whites.

Consider the late great Bob Whitaker. He was CIA. They asked him, “are you an anti-semite?” He said, “yes.” The CIA hired him anyway.

National security is a cover. All the CIA has to do is tell the FBI, or the police, “this is national security” and they will back off. The DEA has complained about this for years and years. They try to arrest the top cocaine traffickers, only to have the CIA tell them, “nope, this is national security.”

I suspect a big part of the hostility from the establishment is because Donald Trump is an Israeli asset. CIA has always regarded Mossad as their annoying kid brother – this is just as true for the Jews in CIA. No one at CIA, for example, is unaware of a figure like Les Wexner and his MEGA group.

Just go read up on Sibel Edmonds. She was the FBI translator hired after 9/11 to translate Turkish documents. The Turks attempted to turn her into a double agents; she balked and became a whistle-blower.

Read up on Susan Lindauer. Lindauer is a perfect example of how the CIA recruits agents. (Poor woman is almost certainly being drugged these days, her last online appearances have all the signals of someone drugged or drinking heavily. They destroyed her life.)

Lindauer was the daughter of a wealthy WASP family, related to the Bush administration’s Andrew Card, basically a liberal Republican and an Arabist. She worked for NGOs and the CIA recruited her as a back channel to governments, like Iraq and Libya, they could not deal with directly.

Of course half of the people in the State Department are CIA, really CIA is the State Department with unofficial cover.

The interesting development of late is the absolute dominance of the NSA because of the modern internet and IT techology in general. The old humint of the CIA has been utterly eclipsed by the NSA simply wiretapping everyone and data mining their bank accounts. The CIA hates this, which probably explains the bizarre case of Edward Snowden, the CIA agent that “whistle-blew” against the NSA, now cooling his heels in Russia promoting Naval Intelligence projects like the Tor network.

Silicon Valley runs the earth now. The oligarchs that run Google, Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, etc., they run the world. They control the politicians, they can simply buy the politicians.

Curtis Yarvin explained this pretty well, how the federal bureaucracy works with the media via “leaks” and how any time someone tries to influence policy, it’s labeled “political” and “a threat to democracy.”

Really, Trump is totally and utterly compromised by the Likud party, which is why he is so hated by Washington DC.

Consider too the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell thing. Literally these two were pimping out teenage girls to the rich and powerful, video taping them, etc.

Sibel Edmonds, again, pointed out that Bill Clinton had the goods on the pedophile Dennis Hastert, but INSTEAD of arresting him, they simply kept the blackmail material to control him. Dennis Hastert WAS the most powerful Republican in Washington DC for a decade and the entire time the Democrats knew he was molesting little boys. Not only did Clinton and the FBI know it, Turkey knew it, and probably half of the intelligence agencies around the world knew it.

One reason why the right-wing is so stupid is because they are religious and squeamish about sex. You people have no idea how powerful and useful a slutty gal can be. A hot chick that likes casual sex can basically just sleep her way into anything, get any secrets. How often do old men make utter fools of themselves when a pretty young piece of ass shows up? Powerful men trip over their dicks constantly, frankly, I’m surprised women don’t run everything.

America is a merchantile power. It’s the rich that run America, the Fortune 500 CEOs, the billionaire, the financial class. Consider General Petraeus – what did he do once he got fired for carrying on an affair? He got hired by a hedge fund in NYC. What does Petraeus know about hedge funds? Nothing. That’s how you cash out once you’ve performed your duty.

In the great documentary “The American Ruling Class” it’s pointed out that the “establishment” is made up of people who have spent time both in the “private sector” as well as the “public sector.” Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were both CEO who also spent time in government.

American imperialism is based on the petro-dollar and the relatively transparent banking system. Everyone uses the dollar as their reserve currency because the US financial system, believe it or not, is the most transparent and well run financial system in the world. As soon as the dollar loses its reserve status – and that is coming, it is inevitable because of the Triffin Dilemma – the US goes back to being a regional power.

Really, everything the US is doing is just trying to postpone that day as long as possible. Russia and China have already broken free. Europe is breaking up into nations again.

The real Deep State is the intersection of official political power, mass media, and organized crime. That is where the term comes from:

Every single problem “we” have is based on the fact that we are disorganized, and we are so disorganized because our civil society institutions were destroyed by racial integration and the electronic mass media.

For the first time since the 1960s, we were beginning to organize via the internet, which is why we’ve all been banend from social media.

Anyone who can – go to Washington DC. Hang out at a coffeeshop or a hotel bar. Talk to the people. These are the people who run the USA. They are nothing special. Some of them are frankly idiots. They believe what they see on TV just like everyone does. All they do is chase dollars.