Kudos to Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent for documenting all of this.

Yours truly waged a tireless campaign against these (((Hollywood Nazis))) from day one. The only thing HW is wrong about is that his friends Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach are similar; both are SPLC assets who knowingly collaborated with the SPLC for publicity and money. The evidence of this is overwhelming and it was all exposed when they had their embarassing sex scandal.

I think it was Ethnarch (great guy, btw, one of the smartest and most informed online personalities) that exposed the crowd around Alan Dershowitz and Mike Cernovich and Chuck Johnson.

I called it day one: Donald Trump is an Israeli asset, specifically a Likud asset. There’s somewhat of a civil war between Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu. It was Barak’s faction that did 9/11.

How anyone could be taken in by the likes of Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer is astonishing. He was a famous internet celebrity, beloved by the left-wing media, and was instrumental in attacking the 9/11 Truth movement. I ranted about this for years, “Weev” used to pretend to be a follower of the Westboro Baptist Church, but with a wink-and-a-nod admitted that his “gay friends” were “in on the joke.”

Damn, right-wingers are just stupid.

Just look at the people around Donald Trump: Roger Stone, Jeffrey Zucker of CNN, David Pecker of the Enquirer, and Trump’s own sexual blackmailer Michael Cohen.

My perspective on all of this is unique because I’m older – Gen X – and I survived 9/11, which is what “red pilled” me in the first place. (Along with reading Kevin MacDonald starting in the late 1990s.)

I also grew up in Washington DC, surrounded by spooks and feds. So I’ve always understood how they operate.

The entire “Alt Right” was basically an Israeli campaign to co-opt conservatives and right-wingers. Breitbart.com is the center of the movement; it’s an Israeli website that exists to co-opt American conservatives in the interest of Israel.

I also called out Curtis Yarvin from the beginning and exposed the NRx movements ties to The Atlantic and the neo-conservative movement before anyone else did. Now even Nicholas R. Jeelvy of CounterCurrents.com knows I’m legit.

Why was Aryan Skynet and my old blog banned? Because we told the truth and exposed these shenanigans since day one. Why was MWIR banned from WordPress? For the exact same reason. We got it.

LOL – I infiltrated Antifa – and EarthFirst! – in the late 1990s when I was a kid. I met Noam Chomsky’s handler – who actually outed me and published my picture in one of their communist publications. I’ve hobnobbed with some of the richest, most powerful American Zionists. I’ve been hounded by Mossad for nearly 20 years. I had a year long relationship with an Israeli spy who was as hot as Natalie Portman and was absolute dynamite in the sack. I was seduced by an unbelievingly hot daughter of a Texas Republican oligarch in The Company.

It is all just coincidence because I was in the “right” place and the “right” time and my dad was a life-long Pentagon employee. Frankly, I’m a victim of the CIA. They singled me out in high school.

I had to flee the United States precisely because I’m a true, Yankee White American patriot.

I was literally in the building when they were rigging the WTC towers for controlled demolition. I had no idea at the time – I was young and naive. But I always kept my ears and eyes open – and my mouth shut.

As an American patriot, all I want is my country back.