Mike Enoch and the TDS podcast on TheRightStuff.biz review the movie The Watchmen and deconstruct nearly 100 years of propaganda about the Tulsa Race Riot, which was triggered after a Black man raped a White woman.

Going through primary sources, literal Communist party propaganda before, during, and after the event, and dissecting the Wikipedia article, the TDS guys do a “deep dive” and make a prediction that we would see a wave of new propaganda about this event leading up to the 100 year anniversary.

Right on schedule:

We’re supposed to “believe women” when they claim to be raped – unless it’s a white woman accusing a black man of raping her. Then, she’s always a “racist liar.”

The TDS guys do a good job of deconstructing the narrative, everything from “Black Wall Street,” to the smear that whites were just “jealous of black success,” to who actually started shooting and who actually started the fires, to the lack of mass graves, to the absurdity of the supposed “aerial bombing” of black neighborhoods in Tulsa.

Commenters on reddit take every single piece of Communist party propaganda as gospel and not a one actually tracks down primary sources. Anything smearing white people is taken as obvious truth and anything negative about black people is taken as “racist lies.”

Gotta give it to the TDS guys, they predicted exactly this three months ago, and their prediction proved 100% correct.