The difference is that these non-Americans know that they are a servant class not a worker class.

Perhaps it was Steve Sailer that pointed out that the upper classes in California prefer brown servants, because if a White contractor was working on installing a new bathroom in their home, he might get the idea he was an “equal” and make some small talk about how the 49ers are doing this season.

The non-Whites, knowing that they are a servant class, will know their place and only respond when spoken to: si, senior.

immigrants see [food welfare] not as supplementing the family food budget, but as replacing it entirely

Again, the attitude of a servant class. The non-whites are not wrong; they know they are servants and act accordingly.

Part of why they are willing to work long hours (thus lowering the labor market for Americans) is because they are experts at goofing off while on the clock.

This is the attitude of a servant living the life of a servant, as opposed to a worker engaging in exchange of labor for wages.

Of course another major benefit of multi-racialism is it destroys the worker solidarity needed to form unions. The best way to prevent a labor union forming is to have multiple races who don’t even speak the same language.

The 1950s American ideal – which was of course more ideal than reality – was that we were all “equal” citizens, despite some being richer than others, despite some being white collar and others being blue collar.

Considering these factors, how does “right-wing” politics, or even “reactionary” and “traditionalist” politics, help Whites at all? The situation in California is perfectly “anti-egalitarian” which is what reactionaries say they want. Servant classes are pretty much the opposite of liberalism and capitalism and are instead perfectly traditionalist.

California has degenerated from a modern, liberal society to a traditionalist, feudalist society with an ossified class structure, a permanent ruling class with no competition from a middle class, and no class mobility. With the added benefits of a genetic distinction between the ruling class and the slave class that is nearly as wide as the Old South and far more so than feudalist England.

The fact that the ruling class is absurdly sexually degenerate is traditional too. This is an anti-liberal, traditionalist, right-wing utopia. Exactly what anti-egalitarians and neo-reactionaries say they want.