The Church is a civil society institution.

Starbucks, of all things, promotes a concept of the third space.

There is home, and work, and the civil society “third place.”

The book Bowling Alone described how America’s civil society institutions have been destroyed, although the author of that book couldn’t be honest why – mostly, racial integration. No white people want to hang out at a bowling alley surrounded by loud-talking, possibly violent blacks. Nor do white people want to run a civil society group like, say, a Lions Club only to have to listen to a black constantly whine about “waay-sism.” Add in non-black “diversity” and it just gets worse. Who wants to hang out at a diner where you’re the only one speaking English and they are playing that awful “mariachi” music? White people admire Japanese people, but who wants to be in a club dominated by Japanese?

American conservatives want “small government” because they understand that government is a blunt tool. Government has the monopoly on violence and should only be used in strictly, narrowly defined cases.

But humans need more guidance than just criminal law. And that is where the Church, and civil society institutions in general, come in.

Consider “welfare.” White people hate it when black people get welfare. Blacks love welfare because they consider it their “right” because “waay-sisms” and black people have their own status system. To them, getting welfare from Whitey Government is “winning.”

So in a conservative state like Utah, the government doesn’t run the welfare system. The Mormon Church runs the welfare system. Mormon men will pay 10% tithe to the Mormon church knowing that if they die, their wives and children will be taken care of by the Church.

Under the Yang Gang, everyone gets $1000 a month. But what about drunks? They will just drink the money away. But under a Church welfare state, the Church will indeed make sure the drunk doesn’t starve to death or freeze to death, but the Church will try to reform him and get him to stop drinking. The state won’t do that – the state will just lock him up in jail.

The Church will give a place for the, er, “not heterosexual” types. You know, maybe Miss Ann just isn’t the “marrying type.” Maybe Bill just “has been given the gift of bachelorhood” and runs the church choir instead. Catholic “celibacy” let them run the pageantry of the Mass or become scholars in a monastery, or teach elementary school as a nun. In a totalitarian state, they will instead change the definition of marriage, even sexuality, to encourage, rather than discourage, sexual deviancy.

With a small state and a large church, liberty can flourish without making a libertine mess of society.

America was forged in the Catholic vs. Protestant wars, so America always had more freedom of religion and a less established Church. The several states often had an established Church but the federal government was forbidden to. And the federal government was forbidden from interfering with the Church.

It wasn’t a perfect system but it mostly worked. What happened?

Um, the Jews. The Jews came in and drove the Church out of all civil society. Jew front groups like the ACLU sued and sued until the Church was forbidden from having any social power whatsoever. And of course the Jew mass media attacked the Church constantly and demonized everything they did. The Jews used their front groups like the NAACP not to help blacks, but to harm whites.

Without Church social power, Jews can exploit the public via their usury, extortion, pornography, gambling, alcohol and drugs, sex-trafficking, financial fraud, abortion and prostitution, and encourage and prey on people’s vices which is what they have always done.

But it’s not 100 AD. Miracles stories and mythology aren’t going to sell the Church to anyone in 2020. It’s not even 1840 so crazy nonsense about ancient Egypt isn’t going to sell anyone Mormonism in 2020 either, and certainly not educated, literate Whites with access to the internet.

So the question is, how do you restore the Church in 2020?

This issue was being solved by Americans in the early 20th Century. It was called the “Modernist vs. Fundamentalist” debate and it was a major cultural issue in all of the American institutions, like Harvard and Yale. The modernists were winning, too, via battles like the Scopes Monkey Trial.

What happened? The Jews happened, that’s what. They exploited the controversy, used their mass media to defame both the modernists and the fundamentalists and took advantage of the conflict to form an anti-white coalition that plagues us to this day.

The Jews correctly saw the American Church as a defense against their parasitism and they went to work destroying the Church, mostly via their mass electronic media, the radio networks ABC, CBS, NBC that turned into the TV networks, and the newspapers they controlled via their economic organizing of advertising revenue.

I believe my analysis harmonizes a lot of “alt right” stuff, including the views of Catholics like E. Michael Jones, Dixiecrat Christians like our host HW, the various secular, science-oriented Whites, and the pro-white libertarians and conservatives.