The lack of self-awareness continues to astonish me. It reminds one of when Larry Summer of Harvard suggested that the top math geniuses tend to be male, and one woman professor said she was so “shaken” she had to leave the room and nearly cried.

These aren’t little children, or even teenage girls. These are the brightest and most competent women in academia, and they can’t control their emotional reaction to abstract ideas.

The comments on the Washington Post article are stunning in their false assumptions, lack of thought, blatant lying, and simple ad hominem.

They prove Christopher DeGroot’s theory with every post, yet lack any self-awareness of this fact.

If I were a feminist I’d be deeply ashamed of my fellow ideologues. As a non-feminist, the SJW twitter mob just reinforces my belief that we need more sex segregation. Bring back women’s colleges. It’s obvious that girls can’t handle being around men because they are too fragile and emotional.