I don’t get it, Colin Liddell is a public figure, but he won’t spend the ten dollars a month to get a real website. His reliance on Alphabet/Google and Disqus is literally a technical obstacle to anyone trying to comment anonymously or even pseudo-anonymously.

This isn’t some intransigent “technical geek” thing like Richard Stallman. It’s literally impossible to comment on Colin Liddell’s Affirmative Right blog because they – by “they” we mean Alphabet/Google and Disqus – won’t allow it without doxing yourself and becoming a target of Antifa.

Is that a feature or a bug? Liddell can decide for himself. In the meantime …


This is probably true, as far as it goes, but it betrays a pretty big misunderstanding of America, especially post 9/11.

First, the “dissident right” – like all “right-wing” movements, doesn’t understand women. You have to start with the understanding that girls and young women are terrified of childbirth. Which they should be, because childbirth is extremely dangerous. It’s only in the last 100 years that infant mortality and death during pregnancy and childbirth has dropped significantly.

Since right-wingers never listen to women, they don’t understand how scary childbirth is, and when women talk about birth control “liberating” them from their reproductive systems, right-wingers just react with knee-jerk moralism, like they always do.

Second, right-wingers, wedded as they are to a simplistic, child-like, moralistic misunderstanding of economics, haven’t seemed to figure out that American women can’t find good husbands – even if they wanted to, which they don’t particularly. Since the 1970s, and ramping up tremendously since 9/11, the American elite – and the not-so-American elite, if you get my drift – have completely gelded American men financially and economically. The story has been told a million times but right-wingers don’t want to face up to it because they were ignorant cheerleaders for this since Ronald Reagan and continue to be, with their grade-school, Sunday-school level moralisms about “working hard” and “welfare.”

Women can’t find good husbands that can actually take care of them and support them as stay-at-home-mothers, because virtually no men outside of the first and maybe second tier professionals can afford that anymore.

Third, the smartest right-wingers will talk about “culture” and the like and book-smart but street-dumb “neo-reactionary” dorks like Spandrell.com will talk about “status-seeking” as a primary human motivation, but never, ever, seem to notice that since the invention of radio, and the mass electronic media in general, status no longer comes from a real, organic community and family, but is completely, 100% mediated by that same mass electronic media.

Only very, very recently has the “dissident right” noticed the effect of social media on women, one supposes because girls spending all their time posting selfies and counting “likes” was too hard to ignore. Only the very, very few rightists, like F. Roger Devlin, ever noticed that mass media has had an effect on sexual relations going back to the silent cinema era, where farm girls all of a sudden were exposed to an image of Errol Flynn, literally the most handsome and sexually arousing man most of them had ever seen in their lives, instantly making their actual prospective partners look rather “beta” in comparison.

Right-wingers still have yet to figure out that the status-granting mass media, controlled by – er, “liberals” of course – absolutely denigrates family life except for the most privileged upper-upper middle class which barely exists in America since 9/11.

To top it all off, right-wing men still haven’t figured out how mass electronic media affected them and how that also contributed to destroying our once reasonably balanced sexual-natalist culture and transformed it into the dysgenic nightmare of today.

Right-wingers refuse to acknowledge: a) the technical issues and b) the ethnic agenda of those who have controlled the mass electronic media since nearly the very beginning. You know, “liberals.”

Until that changes, the right-wingers will continue to lose. In fact, it may be time to just drop the “right-wing” ideological fanaticism altogether and deal with pragmatic solutions.