You just have to remember the time. It’s 2007. Bush and the neo-conservatives that controlled him have been utterly discredited by the disaster of the Iraq War. (Well, a disaster for Iraq, and the USA. A great victory for Israel.)

Anti-war voices like Ron Paul and are increasingly pointing out the obvious culprit: “neo-conservatism” and its Israeli and Jewish promoters. Ron Paul and are even more concerned with ending the wars than restoring a gold standard.

Mearsheimer and Walt have just released their paper, “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” and Pentagon employee Larry Franklin has been accused of “leaking” classified material to AIPAC’s Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman.

This is the context in which Curtis Yarvin started his famous blog and his “neo-reactionary” NRx movement.

So three articles after praising him, Curtis Yarvin – Nom de Zionist “Mencius Moldbug” – gets triggered. Hard. By a throw-away piece of anti-Republican, anti-Bush tripe from Matthew Yglesias.

The best lies are mostly true; it’s the poison core at the center that kills you. So most of what Moldbug writes is true. Yglesias is status-signaling. The Democrats have re-taken Congress, Bush-era neo-conservatism is on the way out, and Yglesias knows he can throw shade at “white Christians” – but not Ashkenazi Zionist Jews.

Moldbug correctly points out Yglesias’s bullshit, the idea that the government is run by the American version of British aristocrats callously driving over the poor. It’s “What’s the Matter With Kansas” all over again – these stupid white rednecks keep voting “against their own interests” and if they voted for Democrats, they’d get all those great welfare state programs if they just gave up their guns and Bibles.

The Central Fiction of the Democrats is that none of this is true. Actually, we are still living in the British Empire, under the rule of Queen-Empress Victoria, but of course a hundred years later. Prancing lords and ladies, cardinals and their catamites, sneer at us as they slide past in their Porsches, crushing the poor under their great alloy wheels. In some obscure way the British ruling class has managed to merge with the Nazis, perhaps through one of the Mitford girls …

A great take down of Yglesias’ nonsense lie that Bush Republicanism is “the efforts of a political ideology designed to further entrench the privileges of the country’s wealthy elite and its white Christian majority and somehow do so in the name of anti-elitism.”

But then Yarvin just can’t help himself. Yglesias is praising a Hollywood movie, but even noticing a Hollywood movie is just too dangerous, and Yarvin-cum-Moldbug lets the cat out of the bag:

they have been joined by the Jews, who have actually become Nazis themselves and are also engaging in their usual criminal behavior of running global financial corporations and making terrible, terrible films that appeal to the lower-classes.

Wait … what? Yglesias was trashing “white Christians” and praising Hollywood. Yet for some reason Curtis Yarvin hears an “anti-semitic dog whistle” loud and clear!

I mean, Curtis Yarvin of all people, you would think, when some clueless white person says “George Soros is a globalist,” would be the last to cry out “anti-semitic dog whistle! Joooooooos!”

Yet here it is, no less than Mencius Moldbug reading his lines straight from Joseph Goebbels: “he suddenly shrinks back: ‘I’ve been found out!'”

But Yarvin has a process. It’s not the Jews, Kevin MacDonald is “absurd,” it’s actually the Roundheads.

These bastards are the Roundheads, the Puritans, whatever you want to call them, and after their defeat of the last Cavaliers (to be clear, the Slave Power was no picnic either), they have reigned unchallenged in North America. And no less outside it—indeed, more. The beliefs held at Harvard, not those at West Point and certainly not at VMI, are the complacent belches of today’s global transnational governing class.

Because, of course, Harvard University, in 2007, was a hotbed of neo-Calvinism who took their Progressive Idealism totally seriously, which is why BDS just “never seemed to catch on” there, despite the best efforts of what Curtis Yarvin calls “the international liberal Protestant conspiracy” … to defame the Jews.

I mean, really, you can’t make this shit up.

Not at all ironically, Matthew Yglesias, just three years later, would be attacked on all fronts as an “anti-semite” for colorfully describing Goldman Sachs as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money” in the wake of the financial crash and the Wall Street bailouts.

But Curtis Yarvin aka Mencius Moldbug should get the credit, he sniffed out “anti-semitism” in Matthew Yglesias three years before anyone else did.

I mean, just look at Matthew Yglesias. Doesn’t he just look like a Nazi-Puritan-WASP? I bet his grandfather kept Curtis Yarvin’s grandfather out of the golf club!