I got banned from all social media precisely because I wouldn’t shut up about the ADL, Trump’s Mossad handler Jared Kushner, and the Israeli control of both the Republicans and the Democrats. I even used the word “Mishpucka” which is like saying the word “Mafia” in 1970’s Brooklyn. (Or mentioning the Hell’s Angels in a biker bar in 2005 Rotterdam, for that matter, another mistake I made that got me, er, “deplatformed.”)

It just isn’t done.

We can see the two factions quite clearly: Likud’s Netanyahu and Trump’s Mossad handler Jared Kushner along with their sexually blackmailed shabbos goyim like Lindsey Graham, the late John McCain, Jerry Falwell Jr., Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the TPUSA style Conservative Inc.

In the other corner, the liberal Zionist Ashkenazi media oligarchs and their “diverse” anti-white coalition in the Democratic party. They used to support Ehud Barack, now they support Benny Gantz and Blue and White.

The political analysis of these TruNews people is of course mostly correct. But they are trying to do exactly what E. Michael Jones is trying to do: trying to frame this fight as “Christians vs. Jews” instead of what it really is, ethnic Ashkenazis vs. ethnic Americans.

Here’s the problem:

The reason that E. Michael Jones is so popular is because he downplays all the ridiculousness of Catholicism and instead appeals to “reason.” He keeps things cultural, and since he’s a Catholic he can always appeal to “tradition” instead of trying to proof-text the Bible on every little thing. Notice that E. Michael Jones doesn’t try to sell the physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ nor miracles like Jesus turning water into wine. Because that doesn’t appeal to any three-digit-IQ White American in 2019 – in fact it didn’t appeal to any three-digit-IQ White American in 1950 either. In fact, Whites were moving away from that way back in 1900.

So E. Michael Jones doesn’t talk about Jesus, he talks about “Logos” – “reason” – and sticks to culture.

Evangelicals can’t do that because they only have two choices: either interpret the Bible literally, like an 18th century fundamentalist, or use New Testament allegories, which tend to just be “conservative liberal” SJWism with a religious patina.

The Millennial and Zoomer Evangelicals are essentially “anti-abortion SJWs.” Not only will you never, ever, get any sort of pro-whiteness out of them, they oppose you more than they oppose Drag Queen Story Hour.

Charles Stanley is considered “very conservative.” He moved First Baptist out of Atlanta to the suburbs precisely when it became obvious that his White congregants weren’t going to drive through Black urban Atlanta on Sunday mornings. Even at the time, everyone knew it was a race thing, but Stanley made sure to have enough black faces on his TV show to maintain plausible deniability.

Evangelical Southerners don’t care about the Confederate flag – if anything, they hate the Confederate flag. There is more pro-Confederate flag sentiment among the “Hick Hop Artists” who are just full-stop redneck boys (and girls) who are fine with church but aren’t going to watch some particularist Evangelical video opposing ZOG on Biblical grounds.

I’m just completely confused at the strategy here. George Fitzhugh?

In 1860 Fitzhugh stated that “It is a libel on white men to say they are unfit for slavery” and suggested that if Yankees were caught young they could be trained, domesticated and civilized to make “faithful and valuable servants”

If this is about Fitzhugh and Thomas Carlyle, if this is about “honor culture” and “hierarchy” – why is the word “populist” in the tagline? Neo-reaction is anti-populist.

The only way you can merge Curtis Yarvin style “neocameralism” with White Populism is with a celebrity like Donald Trump. But we see how empty that is. Real monarchs controlled the military – and the priest class, which was the media of their day. Jews figured out long ago that if you control the media, you control the common people therefore you control the military. And since the radio era (really, since the printing press) control of high technology is control of the media.

If it’s White Populism, isn’t the Kingfish – and Andrew Jackson – far more effective than George Fitzhugh?

In a decent society, HW would be the Dean of History at a private Southern liberal arts college.

But if it’s “Southern Nationalism” instead of “White (American) Nationalism” – does Dixie nostalgia even appeal to really-existing-White-conservative-Southerners in 2019?

Does Christian (Populist) Nationalism?

I mean I know plenty of rednecks that like Ryan Upchurch. In fact, I know a couple of rich frat boys that will admit to liking Upchurch – after a few beers.

But how do you square the Evangelical circle with ZOG-critical White identify? Fag-bashing will only go so far, because minus ZOG media, fags aren’t even a real problem.

If Lincoln beat Jefferson with better technology (and organization) and FDR beat Lincoln with better technology (and organization) … well, isn’t the answer … ?

I feel like Agent Mulder. I want to believe.

But I’m a liberal. “Doubt is an important part of my faith.”