Lion of the Blogosphere is a big “counter-jihad” type, surely agrees with the Ben Shapiro hack that “anti-semitism is in the European DNA” and tells wild tales of Muslims vastly outnumbering Europeans in Europe in just a few decades.

Also claims that American will soon be majority Muslim. Typical hyperventilating about BDS, and open calls for Israelis to ethnically cleanse all of the Palestinians.

And, just coincidentally, hates Epstein “conspiracy theories” characterizes the underage girls as “willing” and even “enthusiastic” (no mention of those trafficked from war zones who had their passports confiscated, nor even a peep about girls being threatened if they went to the police.)

So, what do we have here at the intersection of hatred for Europeans (“anti-semitic in their DNA” – in other words, they are all a bunch of “Nazis”) and hatred for Palestinians and Muslims.

Hostility towards BDS and an absurd characterization that “left wing college students” are all supporting it, despite the fact that BDS is nearly illegal in half of the country?

And utter contempt for white Christian girls, who are assumed to be willing whores and prostitutes. He doesn’t use the term “shiksa” but that’s the obvious connotation.

These people have been running the “right wing,” the “neo-reactionary” movement, and the boomer counter-jihad movement since 9/11.

It’s obvious what they are.