The Absolute Insanity of Trump’s QAnon Club

It is very possible that Trump’s primary motivation is not to restore the Republic or to strengthen the Empire that has replaced it, but to bring down the Pedos. So, guns, border, H1Bs, all that stuff only matter to him if they affect the primary goal of bringing down the Pedo network. Not sure that’s the case, but it begins to look like an elegant theory which explains a lot of apparent inconsistencies.

The Pizzagate psychological operation worked like gangbusters.

Trump has been saying for years that “this Epstein thing is going to hurt the Clintons.” Everyone else was ignoring the Epstein thing, covering it up, and Trump was saying once it comes out, it’s going to hurt Clinton.

Of course, the Newhouse family, the Jewish clan that owns Vanity Fair and a number of other publications, who are major important Democratic donors, had already used the “Epstein thing” – and the Ron Burkle thing – against the Clintons way back in 2008.

The Newhouse operation was supporting Barack Obama, and they used their publications to publicize Bill Clinton’s close connections to Jeffrey Epstein – and the close connections of Jeffrey Epstein to the Clinton’s close friend and partner, Donald Trump.

This helped scare away major Democratic fundraisers early in the process, preventing Hillary Clinton from getting enough money and support right up front that she would be the presumptive winner. The Newhouse clan successfully used the Epstein scandal to keep all the big money away from Clinton until Obama had time to seriously challenge her.

Oh, how easily everyone forgets. Clinton and Trump were good buddies for a long time. Trump defended the Clintons from the Republicans. Trump defended the Democrats over health care. Trump even gave the Democrats some “anti-war” cover during the Bush administration.

As the media are fond of pointing out, Trump won “the Evangelical vote” despite being the anti-Evangelical in nearly every way. Trump has been married three times and during the 1980s was literally on the cover of Playboy magazine and his entire public persona is that of the womanizing playboy CEO.

Trump knew that eventually his own close ties to Jeffrey Epstein would come out so he got out in front of the issue and declared everyone was covering it up to defend the Clintons.

“Pizzagate” worked so well because it got the “conspiracy theorists” thinking that Donald Trump was somehow “fighting the pedos in government” because, after all, he was the only one discussing it.

It worked.

Ironically, it worked the same way with the “Alt Right.” The “Alt Right” was supposedly “anti-semitic” yet the Trump campaign had all these internet trolls pushing for Trump – the most Jewish and most Israeli-tied President in US history.

So, Prince Andrew, in his disaster of an interview, literally says he could never have had sex with that trafficked 17 year old Virginia Roberts because he was … taking his young daughters to a pizza party at Pizza Express in Woking at that exact moment 20 years ago.

If that wasn’t a signal – if that wasn’t a dog-whistle – if that wasn’t a message, a threat – I don’t know what is.

Here’s a hypothesis. Guys like Clinton, Andrew, and Trump aren’t pedophiles – they just occasionally have sex with teenage girls. But they know who the real pedophiles are, and if they go down for sex with 15 year old girls, the pedos who have sex with little kids are going down with them.

Then again, we know that Ghislaine Maxwell, the one who actually ran the sex trafficking ring, the brains behind the operation, is literally the daughter of one of the most famous Mossad agents in history and is obviously Mossad herself.

And what do you know, when the Prime Minister of Israel says “jump” Trump asks “how high?” It ain’t Putin that has the goods on Trump – it’s the Israelis.

They say prostitution is the oldest profession. I suspect it’s extremely common for mothers to introduce their own daughters to the profession.

Let’s say a man is a pedophile and “gets caught” having sex with a little girl. How does he buy his way out of it? Perhaps by providing his own daughter to the ring?

Watch carefully what happens to the daughter in the last scene of Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.”

The idea that Donald Trump is secretly fighting a one-man war against the Democratic Party Pizzagate Pedophile Ring is a fun-house mirror reversal of everything we actually know about Donald Trump and how he – and these people – operate.

From what we now know about how Trump’s “fixer” Michael Cohen was blackmailing Jerry Falwell Jr. with his wife pornographic pictures, and what we now know about how Trump’s close and personal friend David Pecker of the National Enquirer was trying to blackmail Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos with his “dick pics” in order to get Bezos to stop his newspaper Washington Post from printing negative stories about Trump …

… it sure looks like it’s Trump and his friends that have been doing the sexual blackmail.

And it seems these things tend towards mutual blackmail.

After all, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself while he was under the jurisdiction of the Trump administration’s Attorney General William Barr.

Trump nominated Mike Acosta, who was the “fixer” for Epstein’s sweetheart deal at the federal level.

See, Trump is playing 3-D chess – against you.

The location that Ghislane Maxwell first recruited Virginia Roberts, at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club.