First there was the paleo-right of Pat Buchanan. This gave us a nationalist, anti-globalist set of ideas that was both socially conservative in the natalist sense as well as friendly towards the working class. Pat Buchanan’s “culture war” speech was riveting and his line “when I take that oath of office, your New World Order comes crashing down” was met with thunderous applause.

Also, let’s face it, Pat Buchanan predicted precisely how toxic the LGBT lobby would become.

Then, we had the libertarian right of Ron Paul. This gave us a right-wing way to oppose Bush’s war, and it exposed the specifically Jewish and Zionst nature of the “neo-cons” and their war against Iraq. Ron Paul, despite his loopy goldbuggery, at least let us understand the financial cartel centered around the Federal Reserve and other central banks.

Finance is how human being cooperate. If you have enough money, you can organize people by paying them. People don’t – can’t – work for free because we all gotta eat. By centralizing control of the financial system, the Financial Cartel is simply able to out organize us.

Ashkenazis are more ethno-centric than Europeans, which is how they were able to completely dominate the 20th century mass electronic broadcast media and how they were able to punch well, well above their weight in the Financial Cartel. The internet is helping us break the Media Cartel, although they are giving us a run for our money with the newly centralized social media of Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Google.

Then came the original Alternative Right, of Richard Spencer, Colin Liddell, Paul Ramsey, and most importantly, Kevin MacDonald. This gave us explicit race realism, enough sex realism to confront “the woman issue” and a clear-eyed understanding of the Ashkenazi problem without having to resort to Catholic superstition and ridiculous “Elders of Zion Control the Freemasons” nonsense.

The original Alternative Right peaked at the 2015 NPI conference, which despite the attempted subversion by SPLC assets Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott, went off flawlessly.

Then, of course, the Alt Right destroyed itself by hopping on the Trump bandwagon and collaborating with Jewish troll assets like Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer.

The attempts at a “dissident right” and an “affirmative right” were stillborn as they only focus on making the “right” friendly to Askhenazis and the American/European Zionist Fifth Column. Like “NRx” before them, that is their only purpose, thus are absolutely no different than Conservative Inc., just with racist jokes, queer bashing, and misogyny.

Good for Nick Fuentes and the Groypers, the last holdout of the “Alt Right” but this time taking the E. Michael Jones Catholics vs. Jews and LGBT angle. This will work to disrupt Conservative Inc. and destroy the Republican party – both important goals. But clearly Groyperism and EMJ Catholic bigotry don’t have staying power nor do they have much growth potential.

So what we need is a Post-Right. “The Right” is a part of the old and irrelevant “right vs. left” axis from pre-revolutionary France. What comes after “the right?” How can we take all of the good parts of the former right movements while leaving behind the dross?

  1. Race realism, which is just another way of saying we must take biology seriously.
  2. Sex realism, another way of saying we must take biology seriously. This includes not necessarily “homophobia” but certainly a distainful attitude towards LGBT and other anti-natalism factions, including the worst of misogyny and male sexual incontinence like pornography and prostitution, not to mention the worst of female sexual incontinence typically expressed via promiscuity, avoidance of marriage, and abortion.
  3. Some kind of anti-“globalism,” in terms of both immigration and economics. This will, naturally, include a hostility to the Zionist Fifth Column, which is a form of globalism. Either Askenazis are in – or they are out. No more of this “nation within a nation” stuff. No more dual passports.

And this goes too for capitalists. Global corporations engaging in global capitalism are, by nature, globalist. Free trade means open financial borders.

  1. Relatedly, we must break the Financial Cartel.
  2. We must take back to means of communication by breaking the Media Cartel and its newest incarnation in the Facebook/Google Social Media cartel.

Anything else can be open to negotiation.