Hunter Wallace is a well meaning conservative Dixiecrat.

He is also a Methodist, which explains a lot, although no one understands this anymore, because American Protestantism was destroyed by the mass media – first, by the radio networks of ABC, CBS and NBC, which gained power under the FDR administration, then when this particular cartel completely took over in the post-WWII TV era of the 1950s.

E. Michael Jones, the anti-American, anti-Dixie, anti-English, anti-Scottish, anti-Ulster, anti-Protestant, anti-European – and anti-white – Catholic, has written a lot of useful analysis of the Catholic vs. Protestant vs. Jewish wars over the mass electronic media – and other social institutions – in the mid-20th century.

But E. Michael Jones – like most “right-wing” types – for some reason thinks it’s low-class to discuss the scale – and electronic aspects – of 20th century mass media. In fact, EMJ’s Papist fetishism is so strong he will devolve into complaints about Newtonian physics before he will even touch on the subject of electronic signals influencing the biological matter of the human brain.

People resort to hyperbole from either direction to avoid the discussion of the effects technology has on human biology. We’ve known though that it affects our dreams. Over a decade ago a paper came out that saw a connection between black and white TV and the color of people’s dreams. Those who grew up primarily with grayscale television had grayscale dreams. 12% dreamed only in grayscale.


EMJ believes that biology doesn’t matter, that DNA doesn’t matter, and believes that if a West African girl is adopted by white German Catholics, is infant-baptized by a “celibate” Catholic priest with a life-long dedication to sodomizing little boys, and is brought up speaking German, this girl is 100% “German” because biology doesn’t matter, and “religion” – defined in a very particular way – and “language” – defined in a very particular way – is all that matters.

EMJ – totally not getting the irony – makes the point that the Christian/Catholic claim that “God created the heavens and the earth” is just as metaphysically defensible as the early 20th century assertions by “English” “Darwinist” “atheists” about the “Big Bang” and evolution.

EMJ – without a hint of self-awareness or irony – makes a direct comparison between the Genesis claim that “God created the heavens and the earth” with the 20th century claim of the “English” “atheists” that “shit happened” and “energy and matter” “appeared.”

One has to admire E. Michael Jones’ chutzpuh here. Claims about the ultimate origins of reality – the universe – whether that of the Hebrew Old Testament, the Catholic Church, or fundamentalist Bible-thumping American fundamentalist Protestants – are basically equivalent to:

“Shit Happened.”

But for Jones, Catholics – and only Catholics – got it right, and the English, the Darwinists, and Newton – Protestants and post-Protestants – got it totally wrong.

When Catholics say “shit happened” they were right, because of the Magisterium of the Catholic Pope, but when the Anglos, German Protestants, and the “moderns” said “shit happened” they got it totally wrong.

So here’s World War T.

Hunter Wallace, the Methodist conservative Dixiecrat, chose to engage the Culture War over Drag Queen Story Hour, calling this particular cos-player a “literal demon” who successfully targeted the Dixie food franchise Whataburger when some local burger joint refused entry to this – presumably – biological male dressed in an extremely bizarre costume.


Jordan Peterson was once giving a lecture on female sexuality and pointed out how amusing and hilarious some female sexual fantasies can be. Before they were banned five years ago, was filled with “women’s erotica” about being raped by vampires, werewolves and even dinosaurs. Peterson’s audience had a great chuckle about this, and laughed even harder when Peterson explained that men can be sexually aroused by three lines on a chalkboard.

Two circles for boobs and a triangle for a vulva, and there you have a cartoon that used to be commonly seen on restroom walls – and men have literally masturbated looking at this cartoon.

As a bona-fide old man of the Gen X variety, the only anime I’ve ever watched on purpose is Speed Racer, and it astonished me that pornographic anime is a huge trend among young white guys. Literal simple cartoons are enough to fuel young men’s sexual drives.

This is because human beings think in heuristics.

A heuristic technique is any approach to problem solving, learning, or discovery that employs a practical method not guaranteed to be optimal or perfect, but sufficient for the immediate goals. Where finding an optimal solution is impossible or impractical, heuristic methods can be used to speed up the process of finding a satisfactory solution. Heuristics can be mental shortcuts that ease the cognitive load of making a decision.

Why is gambling a vice? It’s because the hueristics that humans use to understand probability completely misfire in games of chance.

In high school biology we’re taught that human eyes have rods and cones, one sees color and the other sees black and white. But the brain does not get a “pixel map” on X-Y axes like some sort of computer screen. The optic nerve itself processes the signal from the eye’s rods and cones and does something like “ray tracing” – turning the signal into “shapes” and “patterns” – before the signal even reaches the brain.

Here’s a related phenomenon:

A supernormal stimulus or superstimulus is an exaggerated version of a stimulus to which there is an existing response tendency, or any stimulus that elicits a response more strongly than the stimulus for which it evolved. For example, when it comes to eggs, a bird can be made to prefer the artificial versions to their own, and humans can be similarly exploited by junk food. The idea is that the elicited behaviours evolved for the “normal” stimuli of the ancestor’s natural environment, but the behaviours are now hijacked by the supernormal stimulus.

So what does this have to do with transgenderism and the difference between Methodism and Presbyterianism?

The modern “Trans” is a “hack” of Christianity.

This is why when Methodist Hunter Wallace sees the Whataburger transsexual in his Halloween costume he sees a “literal demon.”

Transgenderism is a supranormal stimulus that “hacks” a basic human cognitive heuristic dealing with sex (sex, as in male and female.)

E. Michael Jones likes to promote the “triparate melting pot” theory. This sociological theory holds that in America, immigrants after three generations begin to define their ethnicity by religion, instead of “race.”

This theory holds true in one case only: the fact that, in the mid 20th century, Irish, Italian, Polish and Lithuanian Catholics all noticed they had a lot in common when compared to the Protestants – essentially, Yankee and Midwestern “WASPs” and Southern English and Appalachian Scots-Irish.

So, E. Michael Jones holds that “race doesn’t matter” and wants you to believe that Black Southerners in the African Methodist Episcopal Church have the same “ethnicity” as Hunter Wallace and his Methodist community.

Of course, E. Michael Jones is wrong, comically wrong, and he knows he’s wrong and is being purposefully deceptive.

E. Michael Jones will acknowledge that when the Southern Blacks came north from Dixie and “invaded” the Catholic neighborhoods, there was a conflict.

But Jones wants you to believe that these “white ethnic Catholics” didn’t object to this because of race – it was because the Southern Blacks were … “Protestant.”

And it was the fault of the white “Protestants” – the WASPs like the Rockefellers – who were engaged in “social engineering” to force the Catholics to leave their ethnic neighborhoods and join the Protestants in the suburbs and drop their Catholic ethnic identity and become “white guys.”

E. Michael Jones is full of shit and to illustrate why, let’s analyze things with a different “triparate melting pot” theory. Instead of ethnicity being defined by the three cultural categories “Catholic, Protestant and Jew” let’s use the three cultural categories “Episcopal, Arminian and Calvinist.”

When anti-whites say that “race is a social construct” they are not entirely wrong. When some say “gender is a social construct” they are also not entirely wrong.

The way to understand this is by realizing that “race” and “gender” are observed by humans heuristically.

When we see another person walking towards us from even a distance, our brains – pre-consciously – immediately start to observe this person sexually and racially.

“Race” was never defined by a DNA test. It was always defined hueristically, which is why some people with a tiny fraction of African DNA were able to “pass.”

But the fact is racial hueristics work very well – racial hueristics are far, far more accurate than the probability hueristics humans use when gambling – a fact that has made Las Vegas a very wealthy city.

Sexual hueristics are even more accurate than racial hueristics. Which is why the CIA explains that they can successfully disguise a woman as a man, but they cannot successfully disguise a man as a woman.

With women you have a broader range of what you can do. You also have one extra step – you can turn a woman into a man. I would mention that it’s almost impossible to turn a man into a woman.

We may as well use the common terms.

What is the root of “transphobia?”

When Hunter Wallace calls the drag queen Erika Klash ( a “literal demon” I understand instinctively what he means. Partially this is because the cultures in which we belong overlap quite a bit, maybe 90%. However I suspect it’s that 10% difference that causes me to see this phenomenon in a slightly different way.

Back in the 1990s I was sitting on the couch with my girlfriend watching one of those trashy “talk shows” and the guest was what appeared to be a kind of cute young blonde woman. The gimmick was that it was really a man. Probably 19, the young man was wearing a padded bra, women’s clothing, women’s make up, and had a typical long hairstyle.

My hueristic reaction to the photons from the television rays beaming into my eye, processed by my optic nerve, then further processed by my brain made me think “cute girl.”

I told my girlfriend something like, “damn I totally thought that was a cute girl” and I could feel her attraction for me dropping a few points. I’m sure she was thinking, “what are you some sort of closeted fag? That’s a man!”

I immediately felt embarrassed. Why? Because I’m “homophobic” and embarrassed to be mistaken for a homosexual.

Which is of course the root – or at least one of the roots – of transphobia – homophobia.

But there is more to it than just garden variety homophobia. There is also an aspect of what is called “the uncanny valley.”

The uncanny valley is a hypothesis in the field of aesthetics which holds that when features look and move almost, but not exactly, like natural beings, it causes a response of revulsion among some observers. The “valley” refers to the dip in a graph of the comfort level of beings as subjects move toward a healthy, natural likeness described in a function of a subject’s aesthetic acceptability.

The “drag performer” Erika Klash based the costume on the cartoon character “Monokuma” which is a cartoon bear with a half-black half-white coloring.

Monokuma – some anime shit Zoomer are into.

Notice that the simple line drawing of Monokuma is enough for us to immediately process it as a “bear” – even though of course it doesn’t really resemble a bear at all. This is both cognitive as well as cultural. In a different culture, it’s quite likely that someone might process Monokuma as some other type of mammal, perhaps an Aussie might think “koala.”

Koalas are not bears, yet they are often called “koala bears” because our heuristic cognition, partially biological and partially cultural, categorized them in the “bear category.”

But here’s an interesting question. Why do we process Erika Klash’s costume as “drag?” “Drag” being a man dressed as a woman, or as radical feminists are quick to point out, a hostile, sexist parody of what a woman is supposed to look like.

Face it, “drag” is sexist in the same way that “blackface” is racist.

We process Erika Klash’s costume as “female” mostly because of the lip make up and the hair.

In a different culture, we might process Erika Klash’s costume as male, in fact, due to the hair and eye makeup that could be processed as “monster” or “warrior.”

But Hunter Wallace calls the costume “demonic” – why is that?

Two reasons:

  1. The gender bending, which in Christian culture is associated with evil.
  2. The animalistic nature of the costume, which in Christian cultures is seen as “pagan” thus “satanic” thus “demonic.”

I’ve long been amused reading “right-wing traditional Catholic” authors and it has enlightened me to various aspects of my own culture by seeing how different their taboos are from mine.

I’m in the “Protestant” category and even more specifically in the “Calvinist” category.

Reading right wing traditional Catholics on subjects of sexuality and religion has astonished me.

Because for me, certain aspects of Catholic culture scream “gay” and “demonic” to me.

At about 15, an Irish Catholic friend of mine took me into a morning mass. I had never been inside a Catholic church before, and I felt as if I had stepped into a Church of Satan.

It was dark, there were candles. Creepy statues were everywhere, looking like something straight out of those Bible comics of ancient idol worshipping cultures. The priest was dressed in … a dress … which to me screamed “gender bender” and “gay.”

Yet Catholics watch a Catholic mass and find it “wholesome” and “spiritual.” They look at a man in a dress – “priestly garments” – and see a kindly, spiritual father figure. I see “faggot in a dress” and “satanic high priest.”

Pictures of the Vatican and their rituals creep me the hell out on a pre-cognitive level. Literally, a man in a dress sitting on a golden throne with an upside down cross behind him.


It looks just like Anton Levay’s Church of Satan to this barefoot Protestant boy.

I fully realize that I have been culturally conditioned by media coverage of the “abuse scandal in the Catholic church” but seeing even old pictures of a priest standing in the middle of a crowd of altar boys scream “pederasty” to me, on a visceral level.

It’s hilarious and amusing when I read traditionalist Catholics say that “the Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy” secretly sent homosexuals to “infiltrate the priesthood.”

Because, of course, the “celibate” priesthood has always been a cover for homosexuals. The “sodomy” in the priesthood was a major complaint of all of the Reformers, from Luther to Calvin. The complaints about “sodomite clergy” go back to the very beginning of celibacy of the priesthood and the monestaries, long, long before the Reformation.

But Catholics always assume that the homosexuality comes from “outside” their own community and their own institution. It’s always the Jews, the Communists, and even more hilariously, the Freemasons.

Freemasonry is another great example of this. My own Protestant tradition was rather ambiguous about Freemasonry. The more conservative men of my background felt quite uncomfortable with it, and some of the rituals of Freemason scream “satanic” to me too. But that is because Freemasonic rituals overlap so much with Catholic rituals – they overlap, but are not the same.

And there’s an uncanny valley aspect to Freemasonic ritualism for Catholics. It’s similar, but different, enough to trigger the response.

It’s also enlightening to watch Hollywood movies and TV shows by homosexual, secular Catholics that turn my own Protestant traditions into something evil and sinister.

The kind of people I could have Chick-Fil-A with!

I would feel right at home at a “Fellowship of the Sun” meeting. The husband and wife team leading the “Fellowship of the Sun” doesn’t make me think “evil Protestants who hate LGBT.” They look like nice people I’d have dinner with.

But it is amazing – and artful – how my own cultural Protestantism has been turned into something evil and sinister by the gay Catholic that made “True Blood” – “True Blood” itself being a bang-you-over-the-head-obvious metaphor: “Vampires as LGBT.”

Transgenderism is a form of “cultural magic.” As any first year anthropology major will tell you, pre-Christian religions often had a kind of cross-dressing and trans-sexualism aspect and the “holy men” and “shamans” were often considered a kind of third gender.

And indeed – Catholicism itself retains this in their “celibate priesthood.” “Celibacy” is a kind of “third gender.” They are “above” normal sexuality. Instead of a biological family, the priests and brothers – and nuns – are part of a “spiritual family” that is “above” sex and reproduction.

It’s all very pagan – and gay. But Catholics can’t see it, hence they always project their own homosexuality and gender bending outside onto the Jews, Protestants, and especially the Freemasons (lol.)

Here is exactly how conservatives will lose World War T(ransgenderism).

Because if Hollywood knows ANYTHING, they understand “cultural magic.”

Hence, I give you two competing forms of “cultural magic” in TV shows.

First, the “left wing” TV show: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, in which the characters literally say “Hail Satan” whenever anything good happens.

Conservatives like Vigilant Citizen can’t understand the cultural magic here, precisely because of their dualistic, black and white thinking. The totally misunderstand the “cannibalism” in the Sabrina show. They believe that there are only two sides: Pro-Cannibal Elites Leftwing Satanists and the Anti-Cannibal Good Normal Conservative Masses.

But in fact the cannibal themes in Sabrina are a extremely artful way of not taking one side and showing Sabrina rebelling against the bad aspects of her own “liberal” “progressive” Satanic upbringing.

Second, a failed Hollywood attempt – perhaps by some “conservative” or “reactionary” types – to do some “cultural magic” AGAINST the LGBTs.

I give you the remake of “Heathers” in which the popular bullies are no longer the beautiful, white, blonde goyish girls of the original show, but progressive Social Justice Warrior LGBT activists.

The SJW crowd had the reaction you would expect: they cried foul! No, it’s the WHITE BLONDE GIRLS WHO ARE THE BULLIES, not us! How DARE you make this show?

Of course, Heathers got cancelled and hostile reviews, while Sabrina gets great reviews. Because who actually consumes this sort of product?

Conservatives have taken the “Benedict Option” and opted out of the Culture Wars, leaving it to amateurs like the Groypers and Nick Feuntes and trolls like Andrew Anglin.

Conservatives are quivering in their boots as men in dresses are invading the little girl’s room and little boys and girls are having their genitals mutilated and pumped full of hormones.

Conservatives like Vox Day keep pointing and sputtering, “they are going to promote pedophilia next!”

The conservatives are correct, of course, but they are helpless to stop it because they are using old, broken down cultural magic – conservative Christianity – to fight Hollywood’s much stronger cultural magic – a cultural magic that literally uses electromagnetic radio waves to program biological brains.

But that sounds like a “conspiracy theory” doesn’t it? “Waves?” “Brains?” What, are you saying we should wear a literal tin foil hate to keep out of the waves?

Of course the conservatives are losing. Freemasons like Ben Franklin discovered electricity. Conservative Catholics like E. Michael Jones is still hung up on Newtonian physics.

Conservatives – especially religious conservatives – can’t even deal with basic high school physics, much less how the cultural magicians are using basic physics and biology against them.

So the Trans movement, having been occupied the last couple of years crushing the dissenters on their “own side” (i.e., gender critical feminists) are now back in the game and coming for you and your chicken sandwiches.

And you conservatives are going to lose, as you always lose, because you reject physics, biology, and because you are Arminians not Calvinists.

To Be Continued …