Once you notice the pattern, it’s easy to tell what’s going on.

Hopsicker complains that Whitney Webb is criticizing “da Jooos.” (Even though she never does, merely critiques the foreign policy of Israel, while blaming American support for Israel on … you guessed it … “anti-semitic Christians.”)

The term “Joos” is a Jewish and Zionist smear term, similar to the term “Twoofer.” Hopsicker uses both, in fact.


Hopsicker’s 9/11 stuff is a “limited hangout.” The story he peddles is that the CIA tried to recruit the 9/11 hijackers, then the 9/11 hijackers turned against them. This is, not at all coincidentally, the same limited hangout from the Bush administration’s Richard Clarke. A few years ago the limited hangout documentary “Who is Richard Blee?” was produced featuring two Jewish young men interviewing Clarke who speculated that the CIA had tried to recruit the hijackers as “double agents” but then got burned.

What’s harder to understand is that this narrative is almost certainly true, as far as it goes. It seems unlikely that “the CIA” as an institution was the major mover behind 9/11. Instead, it was Israel, certainly, and a network of Jewish and non-Jewish people connected to the CIA. Many of whom did, in fact, use National Security classification privilege to plan, execute, and cover up the crime.

Hopsicker was one of the first celebrities to question the “official narrative” on 9/11, and pushed the narrative the CIA – not necessarily the Bush administration – wanted to promote.

Hopsicker has spent years defaming the 9/11 truth movement as well. He apparently hates Christians, too, as his recent articles on Jerry Falwell Jr. rely heavily on anti-Christian tropes. Although Hopsicker won’t touch the real scandals of Falwell – related to Trump’s blackmail ring run by his Jewish fixer Cohen and his Jewish tabloid publishers at the Enquirer.


So, let’s see:

  1. Anti-9/11 truth.
  2. Anti-Christian
  3. Limited hangout CIA “critic” (the CIA spent the 1970s doing “limited hangouts” by promoting various “CIA critics” that criticized very, very narrow aspects of CIA operations. Perhaps Sy Hersh is the most obvious example of this.)
  4. Cannot stand any even slight criticism of Jews, Jewish organizations, or Israel, and reflexively cries “anti-semitism” at everyone.

Hopsicker is probably not Jewish, perhaps is married to a Jewish woman and father of Jewish children. But most likely, it simply represents the agenda of his handlers/bosses. Remember, when FBI asset Hal Turner was exposed, he pointed out that the FBI allows their fake “racist” agents to slander Black people, Latinos/Hispanics, Asians, and even LGBT people. But the FBI fake “white nationalists” were not allowed to criticize Jews.