The FBI “Vault” recently released declassified documents on “The Finders” which was a bizarre cult group, ostensibly a CIA cutout, involved in “mind control” of the MK-Ultra variety, and trafficking of children. Not nubile teenage girls, but prepubecent children.

The CIA has been obsessed with “mind control” since its earliest days. Many of the “cults” that sprang up in the 1960s and the 1970s were in fact CIA operations. Perhaps the most obvious was Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. When the People’s Temple started getting infamous and Congress got involved due to parent’s worries about their children, the entire cult was murdered, the cover story being that they had committed “mass suicide” by drinking poisoned Kool-Aid. In fact, that’s how the children were murdered. Adults were given lethal injections and the ones that tried to run were simply shot in the back.

There is reason to believe that Ronald Reagan’s invasion of Grenada in the 1980s happened because the hospital there had files related to MK-Ultra and various experiments being done by CIA. When a communist guerrila movement tied to Cuba took over, the US invaded and bombed one specific target: the hospital.

The Finders case gives us a peek into these operations.

Like at Abu Ghraib, the children were being conditioned via “learned helplessness.” They were only fed as a reward for “good behavior” – this is classic operant conditioning.

Of course, this came out in the 1980s, so “Satanism” was the method used to obscure what was going on. The children were forced to engage in a “ritual” where they slaughtered a goat, cut out a goat fetus and mutilated the genitals of male and female goats.

This has the effect of traumatizing the children and also desensitizing them to killing and mutilation, and the sexual/reproductive aspects of it point to something as well.

The documents that were seized dealt with how to “obtain” children: kidnapping and impregnating female cult members.

In our post-Epstein era, it’s obvious that sexual blackmail of pedophiles is an intelligence agency specialty.

Best not to get squeamish about the reality. Slavery and the trade in women and children is as old as human kind. Black slavery was made illegal after the War of Northern Aggression, but not much changed really.

Women have always been “booty” in warfare and still are. Torture is found in the animal kingdom – go watch what your cute little housecat does to her prey. CIA has used torture since the beginning and has been trying to make a science of it.

It goes without saying that Republicans are useless, but it is interesting that in this drive to impeach Trump, many are understanding former CIA director John Brennan as the central figure.

What Republicans won’t breathe a word about is Brennan hacking into the Senate computer system to remove files detailing the CIA’s post-911 torture programs – a world wide program that involved tortuing and raping little children in front of their parents.

Of course I’m not at all suggesting that they are going after Trump because he might release this stuff. Trump’s pick to lead CIA is a woman who ran the torture program.

Torture is what they do and they specifically recruit sociopaths and sadists to do it.