Z-Man Is An Economic Illiterate; Let The Cannibals Eat Him

One of my best, long standing commenters from the old blog recommended the Z-Man to me, so I started reading his blog and have now listened to about six months worth of his podcasts.

I hope I don’t piss off my commenter, but I have to give a hard pass to the Z-Man, who is an economic illiterate and almost certainly a welfare queen.

His latest two podcasts were just so triggering I have to say something. Despite his denials – he’s ten years too young to be officially a boomer – he’s a boomer. Despite his protests that he’s not Conservative Inc. nor a Libertarian goldbug – he’s no different than them.

Let’s just start with the facts: Z-Man says he’s a “small businessman” and the kind of guy you call up when you have a “million-dollar problem, not a hundred-dollar problem.” He lives in the Washington DC suburbs and constantly complains about the blacks while whining about the rich liberals in Bethesda, so that should tell you what class he’s in – not rich enough for the white areas of DC.

Consdering where he lives, the fact he’s a “small businessman” and has something to do with computers, I’m going to make a guess: he’s a contractor for either or both defense or a health agency/insurance company.

Meaning, 100% of his paychecks comes from the taxpayers. Defense and health are 100% socialized, and although Z-Man complains about “privatized profits, socialized costs” that is exactly what people like him do – they suck off of the taxpayers tit while maintaining the fig-leaf of being in the “private sector” because he’s not an official government employee.

So Z-Man complains that Greg Johnson said he was engaging in “economic dad-ism.” Z-Man then reassures us that Greg Johnson is “a nice guy” but “just doesn’t understand economics.”

Wrong on both counts. Greg Johnson is not a nice guy, he’s a narcissistic asshole who is nevertheless 100% correct that Z-Man is nothing but a old boomer faux-“free markets” guy lecturing the young whipper-snappers about “socialism” – all the while, sucking the tit of the fat government contractors that the Republican party has forced on the government for 30 years.

I know this because my old dad used to complain about it constantly. At the DoD, they were perfectly capable of doing the work themselves, but the Republicans wouldn’t let them. They HAD to farm out the contracts to “the private sector” because, according to Republicans, “the private sector is more efficient.”

The reality? It’s just graft. Northrop Grumman has only one customer – the Department of Defense. They do the same work as the government employees do – just without the quality control and oversight – and charge 10x the amount, then, give kickbacks to Republican Congressmen. It works exactly the same way with the Israel lobby. Rich Jews bribe Congressmen, then the Congressmen vote for massive subsidies to Israel, then the money gets laundered back to the Congressional campaign committees.

Z-Man claims he “understands economics” but he clearly does not. What he understands is accounting.

Saying that you understand economics because you understand accounting is like saying you understand warfare because you’re an expert at playing Fortnight.

Z-Man rants and rails against UBI because he thinks it will cause inflation. This is pure idiocy and despite thinking he understands economics and isn’t a libertarian goldbug, he still thinks there’s a gold standard or something.

His first mistake: he thinks giving everyone $1000 will cause inflation. Did Z-Man fail Econ 101? Does he not understand supply and demand? Since of course he uses black people as an example of why UBI is “muh socialism” and inflationary let’s use them as an example.

Tyrone buys his malt liquor at the corner shop for $5. But now Tyrone gets a UBI check, so he has more money to spend on malt liquor. So now Raj Patel realizes he can raise the price of Malt Liquor to $10 because now Tyrone has more money. Therefore, inflation!

Right? Well, no. We’re all race realists with an IQ fetish here, but let’s give Tyrone some credit. If Raj Patel starts charging $10 for malt liquor, Tyrone is just going to go to the liquor store next door, where Muhammad still sells the 40 oz for $5. What inflation? Econ 101, Z-Man, prices are set by supply and demand. As long as there is competition between Patel and Muhammad, we have a market, no matter how much money is in circulation.

Z-Man also claims that he “understands big numbers” thus he understands that we “just can’t pay back” the trillions of dollars of debt. OK, Z-Man, two simple questions:

  1. How many dollars are there?
  2. What is the maximum amount of dollars there can be at one time?

For some reason, Z-Man thinks we’re on some sort of gold standard, and that the supply of dollars is limited.

Z-Man does seem to understand that “the debt” can’t be repaid. But that is not really true and not really relevant anyway. There are two options to the pay/retire the debt:

  1. Print more money.
  2. Default.

If Z-Man really understood economics, and he really was against “socialism” he would want number 2: default. But he knows that will zero out his 401k. So, Z-Man wants to print more money, he just wants the money to go to more defense spending on his ‘small business’ as opposed to giving it to Tyrone – or Bill, for that matter.

It’s hilarious when Z-Man points out that everyone has 401ks and that it’s good to invest in the stock market because – hey – that’s a better return than a savings account.

Well, why is it a better return than a savings account? It’s because people like him voted for inflation as opposed to default.

Under the “free market” all of Wall Street is bankrupt. But the second one bank defaults, they all default. That’s what happened in 2008 when the Fed let Bear Stearns go under. That is what triggered the crash, because Wall Street was terrified that the Fed might not bailout everyone. So what did they do? They forced Congress to bail everyone out. The Republicans couldn’t say shit because the entire bubble was caused by George W. Bush and his war (via laundering money through Fannie/Freddy, etc.) then when it crashed every idiot boomer conservative blamed it on black people (even Steve Sailer, who I like, fell for this scam.)

You put some money in the bank. When you go to withdraw it, the Jew banker says, “oh sorry, your money is gone, a black guy stole it.” The boomer-cons actually believed this.

Z-Man does seem to understand that the financial system is what he euphemistically calls “over leveraged” but he thinks it’s just them that’s over-leveraged. But Z-Man himself and his socialist ‘small business’ is just as over-leveraged as the Jew bankers on Wall Street – in fact, he bought into their system.

Did he buy gold and bury it in his back yard? Did he save his money in an FDIC-insured passbook savings account for a low interest rate? No – he invested it in the stock market because he wanted the high rate of usury that could only be obtained by leverage (and outsourcing and offshoring jobs, and mass cheap-labor immigration.)

Now, the Jew bankers are getting the bailout – not him – and he is desperately screaming at the young white whipper-snappers like Nick Fuentes, “no I don’t hate Jews, but the blacks! Socialism bad! No UBI! Save my 401k! I’m a small businessman who is more efficient than government workers, look I wrote some software for the military!”

He actually has the nerve to complain that the youngsters just “don’t understand economics” while he is desperate to get his own 401k bailout while denying the UBI bailout to young white guys.

All the while his “small business” is sucking off of the government tit, almost certainly directly but if not at the least indirectly.

Yeah, the youngsters, who don’t have a 401k, they want UBI. They earned it just as much as the old boomer cons “earned” their stock-market usury in their 401ks.

The real “free market, not socialist” alternative would be default – MARK IT TO ZERO. But as Z-Man himself admits, he doesn’t want to live outside, so he demands a stock market bailout and only hints that maybe Wall Street was a “bit over-leveraged.”

See, I believe in a free market. MARK IT TO ZERO.

Z-Man’s 401k is worth $0.00. Repo his “20 year old truck” and house.

If these old boomers won’t give the young people their UBI, the young people should say “fuck you, boomer, and your 401k. Mark it to Zero.”

Z-Man understands accounting, he doesn’t understand economics at all. Has he actually produced a single gram of real, tangible wealth in his entire life? Or did he live a middle-class life as a loyal servant to the Empire but is mad he got stuck in a black neighborhood and couldn’t make it to Bethesda?

Conservatives are the enemy, no matter how hard they signal as “right-wing woke.” No matter if they don’t like blacks (who does? Not even black people like blacks.) And if they have to constantly tell you “I don’t hate Jews, you hate Jews” what that really means, of course, is that they are cowards afraid to speak truth to power.

I stand with Nick Fuentes against Z-Man, even though I’m far closer in age to Z-Man and I was forced to invest in a 401k too. If old boomer-cons like Z-Man are going to screw the young by whining about “muh socialism” and block UBI, we need to block all bailouts for their 401ks.

They didn’t EARN a dime in those 401ks – their ENTIRE returns are based off of the usury of Wall Street bailouts, imperialism, and mass immigration. THAT is how the stock market got so high. THAT is how Z-Man’s 401k returned more than an FDIC-passbook savings account – by off-shoring the jobs that Nick Feuntes’ generation would be doing.

Now these old boomer-cons are going to lecture people because they are afraid of everyone figuring out that their 401k are actually worthless? Don’t let Z-Man fool you – he wants a bailout while denying UBI to the young.

Let the cannibals eat him. His grandchildren can take care of him.

If he wants the young to save his old ass, he better show some proper respect to the young, healthy white guys. Otherwise, send him out to deal with the cannibals himself, or let him go hat-in-hand to the Jew bankers and see if they will prevent his investments from being marked to zero which is what they are actually worth.

These old boomer-cons are not “capitalist free marketers” in any way – they are liars. They are welfare queens and socialist leeches with merely an accounting fig-leaf.

EPIC RANT! Now, let’s educate these fat, old boomer-cons on real economics:

This can go on for a lot longer than people think. First off, while reserve currency is not really needed today (we have this thing called Internet now where relative values of currency pairs can be tracked in real time without the need for 3rd party intermediate such as USD), foreign people can’t let go of the concept, and they want USD. This will continue for some time, and as such, they will need USD regardless of US domestic policy. US is an Empire, and as such, the rest of the world economies will burn before US economy is really threatened. Like Beckow said, it may not be a physical need, but a psychological need nevertheless.

More fundamentally though, hyperinflation generally requires three things:

  1. External shock (Weimar – reparations to allies, Zimbabwe – IMF loan repayment, Venezuela – sanctions, post Soviet Russia – former Soviet republics dumping rubles and establishing their own currencies)
  2. Supply chain collapse (Weimar – loss of German Empire and industrial districts, Zimbabwe – replacement of competent white farmers with incompetent blacks, Venezuela – foolish factory nationalizations and failure to invest in oil company maintenance, Russia – new borders cutting off goods flow and government failure to support markets).
  3. Worker wages going up. If toilet paper costs a wheelbarrow of money, some consumer must have a wheelbarrow of money to set this price.

How does this play out in the US:

  1. This is what US military is for. Good luck demanding any real payment (gold, net exports, etc) from the US. Not happening, and if you keep insisting, you will get a good doze of democracy bombed into you.
  2. Barring Civil War, supply chain collapse is not realistic either. Ironically, US is a service economy, haircuts do not require complex supply chains, so even a Civil War will have minimal impact on haircut prices.
  3. US wages have gone nowhere in the past 20 years, and will continue to stagnate due to automation. When Hair Salon lady demands $1,000,000/hr in wages, she will be replaced with $20 buzz cut clippers working for 2 cents worth of electricity. Robots don’t care about money, and their cost is approaching near zero. Commodities are also dirt cheap. This is why hyperinflation is impossible in a modern economy. Technology is massively deflationary.

TLDR: despite USD being printed by the $trillions, hyperinflation is impossible in modern service economy due to robots not caring about currencies. Robots are free because you can simply borrow as much money as needed to buy them. Zero or negative rates take care of repayment. Absent external shocks (nuclear war blowing up automated factories), the future is deflation, and to achieve GDP growth, wage increases can not be counted on. Therefore, direct payments to consumers are required or Depression results.

— mal, Unz.com


Who Is The Inner Party Again?

I discovered what is now called the “Dissident Right” over a decade ago. From “Gamergate” to “WN2.0” to the “Neo-Reaction” it was essentially a bunch of white guys who hated George W. Bush and all of his minions and hated Obama and his anti-white Social Justice Warriors too.

The big brained among this set were either the “HBD” crowd, who loved to talk about how “North East Asians” were the smartest humans, or the “NRx” crowd who sought to justify the rule of Jewish oligarchs because capitalism and monarchy. It was especially the latter who promoted the idea that “the left” and the “progressives” were the “Inner Party” while the conservatives, Conservative Inc., and the Republicans were the “Outer Party” – merely the Washington Generals to the Harvard Globetrotters, a “controlled opposition” meant to lose.

Under the Obama Presidency, if you ignored history and squinted a bit, it seemed to make sense. Certainly, Republicans were losers, and loved to lose and seemed to be quite surprised when they won elections.

The phrase was “Cthulhu swims left” which was the “right-wing wokester” version of Obama’s phrase “the arc of history bends toward justice.”

According to Adam Smith of Myth of the 20th Century, “right” simply means “order” and “left” simply means “freedom.”

Well, are the proponents of “freedom” in control? Are they the “Inner Party?” Or is the party of “order” in control?

It certainly doesn’t seem that way. So the right-wingers had to come up with more and more tortured phrases to explain away the reality in front of everyone’s faces. Libertarians have to be for liberty – but most of the people who identified as libertarians were also into “natural hierarchies” like the family, and the right-wingers saw religious Christians as allies.

So, the new turn of phrase was “ordered liberty.” You were free to make the correct choice, but not free to make the wrong choice, because making the wrong choice isn’t a real choice, or something.

Right-wing autism flourished trying to square that circle.

So, “anarcho-tyranny.” The “left’s” version of freedom is really slavery, because everything is anarchy and the only true freedom is the rule of a unified executive – literally, a king – with absolute power, because a king who is afraid of pretenders is more tyrannical. So if we give up all of our freedoms and submit to an all-powerful dictator, that’s actual freedom because, um, something. As (((Curtis Yarvin))) explained, it’s best if we all just submit because the dictator will only maximize revenue thus taxes will remain not-too-terribly high. The main thing is that the goyim – er, sorry, the populace, shouldn’t be involved in “politics” and in fact even being interested in politics should be a crime (yes, that’s what the Neo-Reactionaries, like Yarvin and Jim Donald, say.)

But, surely, the right-wingers say, of course the leftists are in charge – look at transgenders! Surely, the fact that “Call Me Caitlyn” Jenner was a huge deal in the media a couple of years ago proves that the “left” is in charge?

Well – does it? Some fun facts about the trans issues:

Jenner calls xirself a “traditionalist” and a “conservative” and supports Donald Trump. Radical feminists, who identify as left, point out that the transgender movement is deeply reactionary, as it’s entirely based around promoting strict gender roles. Men who identify as women typically want to be Marilyn Monroe, not Susan B. Anthony. They wear heels, not sensible shoes. Women who identify as men try to act as stereotypically masculine as possible.

And what’s the world capital of transgender surgery?

Iran. Iran, a conservative quasi-theocracy, which does not have any gays or lesbians, because if someone is sexually attracted to the same sex, clearly they were born in the wrong body and some surgery fixes that right up.

As real left-wingers will tell you, transgender surgery is the Final Solution to the homosexual problem.

So – is that “right wing” or “left wing?” Is that “order” or “freedom?”

The Dean of American conservatism, William F. Buckley, proudly identified as a “classical liberal.” OK, the reactionaries have an explanation for this. America was always liberal, thus conservative Americanism is liberalism. The only true conservatism, the real right wing, is “Throne and Altar.”

Yet … Christianity, even fifth century Byzantine Catholicism, was itself radically “left wing” compared to say, Roman stoicism. It was, after all, the religion of women and slaves. It was radically liberationary, setting the captives free, etc. Radical universalism, all souls as equal, all men made in the image of god.

So, the only true conservatism is … some sort of imperialist paganism?

As everyone in America is sheltering in place, hiding from their neighbors and the Invisible Osama Bin Laden, Coronachan, the Federal Reserve has instituted Infinity Bailouts. For the first time in the Fed’s 100 year history, they will be directly buying corporate bonds.


The nominal dollar amount of the bailouts is two trillion dollars, but the reality is the behind-the-scenes bailouts, the Quantitative Easing – meaning, money printing – is basically infinity. Every single large corporation in America now has unlimited credit at the Federal Reserve.

Imagine if the Federal Reserve pledged to loan you infinity money to purchase lottery tickets, and you only had to pay it back when you eventually hit the jackpot.

That’s a relatively close metaphor for what is happening now.

Considering the massive “wealth disparity” in America, where the “1%” owns 80% of the wealth, and the “99%” splits the difference – is that “right-wing” or “left-wing?”

Considering that the wealthy 1% essentially controls the government via quite hard power, and the NRx’s “Harvard Cathedral’s” soft power has, for the past 20 or so years, spent more time worrying about more women in STEM, mass cheap labor immigration, and a crackdown on “hate speech” – and is also dedicated to a Zionist ethno-state in Palestine that all US citizens are required to purchase from –

well, is that “left wing?” Or “right-wing?”

Donald Trump was a super-star celebrity. Certainly, the media is “anti-Trump” on the surface. But – nevertheless – the entire mass media gave Trump virtually 24-hour free media coverage all throughout his campaign against Hillary Clinton. During the primary season, Trump’s Republican rivals couldn’t buy that much airtime. Not even a real billionaire like Michael Bloomberg could buy the kind of non-stop media that Trump got for free. And Trump, after all, was a close business associate of CNN’s CEO Jeffrey Zucker for 20 something years. They called each other “a friend.” Certainly, there is zero daylight between CNN’s Jeffrey Zucker and Donald Trump when it comes to their dedication to the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine.

Are the Democrats “the inner party?” Consider: the mass media that ostensibly hates Trump have chosen the one candidate that can’t even hope to beat Trump and probably couldn’t even hold a debate with him: Joe Biden, suffering from quite obvious advanced dementia.

The mass media have chosen to highlight Trump critics like … Ocasio-Cortez and two virulently anti-white Muslim women, “the Squad,” as the main opposition to Trump, thus ensuring Trump’s base stays quite loyal to him, considering the alternative.

The Democrats are throwing this election, and Trump is on a path to an easy reelection. He certainly could not have done it without the media, despite the ostensibly negative coverage, and maybe not despite the rabid Trump Derangement Syndrome of green-haired and facially pierced non-binary social justice warriors, but because of them.

So, is the power-structure in America “right” or “left?”

Is the Deep State really anti-Trump, or is Trump himself pretty much the hand-picked successor to Barak Obama, another Deep Stater? Certainly, Donald Trump has, himself, been the personification of the Deep State, being connected to the very structures that defined the Deep State – government, mass media, and organized crime.

The outbreak of the respiratory virus began in China and was quickly spread around the world by air travelers, who ran high fevers. In the United States, it was first detected in Chicago, and 47 days later, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic. By then it was too late: 110 million Americans were expected to become ill, leading to 7.7 million hospitalized and 586,000 dead. That scenario, code-named “Crimson Contagion” and imagining an influenza pandemic, was simulated by the Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services in a series of exercises that ran from last January to August.

Even the Federal Reserve was cowed by the Trump administration into keeping interest rates at virtually zero, to prop up Trump’s “best economy ever.” Donald Trump, unlike any other president in memory, apparently had to power to cow the Federal Reserve itself. For six months before the Coronavirus outbreak, the Fed was engaged in unprecedented “stimulus” with short-term buybacks.

Without Coronavirus, the inevitable market crash would be blamed on Trump; now it’s simply due to the unforeseeable pandemic.

Who is the Inner Party and who is the Outer Party?

Clearly, the “Bernie-bros” aren’t in charge of the “Harvard Cathedral” despite what (((Curtis Yarvin))) says about the “neo-Christian progressives” supposedly in charge of the Deep State, keeping poor Israel from dealing with the Palestinians once and for all.

Is it possible to take these right-wing “neo-reactionaries” seriously when their analysis is both transparently self-serving and cynical and obviously can’t explain the reality in front of everyone’s faces?

What is interesting about Harvard and its “progressivism” is that it is clearly neo-liberal, capitalist, Zionist, and anti-white. Those attitudes appeal to the upper-middle classes. But Trump is popular among the working class, despite his entire administration being staffed with … neo-liberal, capitalist Zionist anti-whites.

So, who is the Inner Party again?

Is there much difference between the policies of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump when it comes to the economy, imperialism, and immigration – despite differences in rhetoric and tone?

Bush, Obama, and Trump all staffed their administrations with denizens of Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs just gave their executives massive bonuses – just like in 2008 – and are first in line for the trillions of dollars in bailouts that the Trump-appointed Fed is printing – before Trump’s base gets their measly $1200 checks that they have to pay back next year in taxes.

The “Deep State” isn’t really particularly deep. It’s all pretty much out in the open. The Obama partisans in the FBI and the Washington Post that used to make noises about the 25th Amendment and the ridiculous Hollywood actors trying to overturn the election – they proved to be a lot of hot air and lost everything they pushed for.

They couldn’t even make their impeachment stick, and in the mid-terms they just barely got control of the lower house of Congress. Most Democrats in Congress are either Blacks or White and Jewish neo-liberals. The “progressives” and the Bernie Bros only get enough publicity to make fools of themselves and to scare the working class whites back onto the Trump train.

So maybe the Inner Party is actually quite happy with Trump.

Maybe the “left” are the Washington Generals and Trump and his Harlem Globetrotter’s amazing victories were pretty much part of the show.

After all, there’s nothing really “left-wing” about Drag Queens molesting children at the public library. That’s actually quite “traditional” if you think about it.

The Neo-Reactionaries got their monarchy, complete with elaborate costumes, parades, royal titles and pedophilia – just like the British monarchy, in fact.

Is This A Coup?

From what I have read: half of the US states have declared some sort of “lock down” that has ordered most businesses closed, banned public gatherings, and have “suggested” that people stay in their homes.

They are telling everyone to keep their “social distance” from others, essentially ending the freedom of assembly.

The media is getting more ridiculous, if that is even possible in the Trump era.

The New York Times is telling obvious lies about “Chinese-Americans” being spat on. The only actual incident of such behavior was an “African-American” in New York City spraying a “Chinese-America” with Lysol.

Which is just funny, and something you would expect an “African-American” to do, regardless of the situation. The video was put on All Star Hip Hop, after all.

But the New York Times is trying to suggest that Donald Trump, by using the term “Chinese virus” is causing some sort of wave of “hate crimes” against Chinese people – and implying it’s MAGA hat wearing Trump fans doing it.

That they have the chutzpuh to make up these stories so shortly after the comedy stylings of Jussie Smollet and his MAGA Klansman spraying him with “acid” and putting a noose around his neck, at 2:00 AM in 20 below in MAGA country Chicago.

So, as the NYT tells is, “Yuanyuan Zhu was walking to her gym in San Francisco…”

San Francisco, probably the most Chinese city in America, and not exactly known as a hotbed of Donald Trump support.

So a man yells at her, yells “run them over” to a passing bus, and then spits on her.

“That person didn’t look strange or angry or anything, you know?” she said of her tormentor. “He just looked like a normal person.”

And who is causing this? Donald Trump.

But unlike in 2001, when President George W. Bush urged tolerance of American Muslims, this time President Trump is using language that Asian-Americans say is inciting racist attacks.

Donald Trump is causing San Francisco residents to spit on Chinese people.

So far, the coronavirus has killed fewer people than the yearly flu, most of those that have died were elderly and had other conditions. Yet multiple countries are being locked down.

And, Wall Street is in the middle of a massive, historical, heist of trillions of dollars from the public economy, while everyone is laid off of work and ordered to stay in their homes, “sheltering in place.”

At least with 9/11, we had fireworks – hijacked planes, buildings blowing up, a Bad Guy straight out of Central Casting, and a ready-made plot for both conservatives and liberals – even religious and secular.

Now Trump is telling us we’re fighting “an invisible enemy” and America is more locked down – and for much, much longer – than on 9/11 when they were telling everyone that more attacks were on the way.

James Corbett has a very nice piece about a “viral video.” Some dude in Brooklyn is filmed screaming out his window: “Flatten the Curve, Go Home” and the media has turned this into an international, viral sensation. Even Corbett, in Japan, has heard of this video.

Here’s a question. If you or I screamed something out of our window, posted it on youtube, would it then become a massive, world-wide viral sensation?

If you got drunk and started screaming shit on the street corner, what is more likely: the global media would turn you into a social media star, or you’d get arrested and spend the night in the drunk tank?

Yet people still believe that the media is “real” – not “fake” – or that it is somehow representative of reality, or that what gets shown on the media is relevant or important.

Remember: a HUGE percentage of mass media, these days, is reporting on what random people post on Twitter – which is about the equivalent of sending a “journalist” into a public restroom to read the graffiti on the stalls.

Fed Gives “No Limit” Bailout To Banks; Nothing For Americans


As usual, the staffers for the neo-liberal oligarchs in Silicon Valley and New York City think this is a good thing, while admitting it’s a bit of a “moral hazard.” But no big deal, all the newly “printed” money will eventually be destroyed – as soon as Wall Street is saved. (Of course, the newly “printed” QE money continues and isn’t being destroyed; thanks to the Triffin Dilemma, all inflation is simply exported or used to prop up financial assets and the prices of the mansion, ranches, private planes and yachts for the the international billionaire class.)


Meanwhile, Republicans, Democrats, and Trump are quibbling over what sort of “stimulus” – if any – will trickle down to Americans. After all, we don’t want an “undeserving” US citizen to get a thousand dollar check. We can’t reward laziness! That would be against the “conservative values” the Republicans care so much about.

But apparently, the Democrats are holding up the checks because it’s “not enough” – instead they want to not send anyone any money until they re-jigger unemployment insurance.


If the so-called “Dissident Right” – not particularly “dissident” and not right about anything – was any use, they would be starting the “short march through the institutions.”

There is more and more chance that this “lockdown” in the USA will last through April. This will cause serious stress on institutions up and down the line.

Now would be the time for American (i.e., white) men to start organizing to take over the institutions – one neighborhood block at a time.

Phone trees – email lists – letters to Congressmen (it is election time, best time for maximum pressure and the Post Office is still delivering.)

Schools are closed – now is the time to organize home schooling groups.

Gun stores are open – in fact, even in Illinois gun stores are declared “essential!”

Walmarts and Costcos are open, but some goods are being restricted. How about organizing buying clubs where everyone buys the maximum and extras are deposited in storage lockers and warehouses?

The cell phones are still working – easy to organize even when you aren’t face to face.

If this lasts much longer, institutions will start to fray quite quickly. What is the “dissident right” doing during this historic opportunity? Let’s see – two major “dissident right” online properties – Affirmative Right and TDS – are discussing … World War II history. (Oh, goody.)

The other TRS podcast is discussing … whiny atheists.

“Dissident right?” More like “distracting wrong.”

P.S. If Mike Enoch used that weaponized autism of his to debunk, instead of “the Holocaust,” why not 9/11? It’s far more relevant to 2020 America. And they use the exact dishonest tactics he claims the people arguing with him use.

If the so-called “dissident right” does nothing for the next 30 days, while nearly the entire USA is locked down, well – what does that say?

Democrats Blocking Checks For Americans

The progressives in general, and celebrity leftists like Bernie Sanders supporter (and anti-war activist) Jimmy Dore are complaining that Trump is “out-lefting the Democrats.”

Trump – and Mitt Romney – has a very simple immediate response to the economic crisis caused by the Corona virus: Send a $1,000 check to every American citizen on April 2.

This is far better than sending checks to Wall Street bankers, because they won’t lend the money to people; they will simply do what they did last time and “invest” the money in more financial assets. They don’t want to lend because everyone is already in debt and can’t pay their debts back.

This causes a cash crunch. Trump, and the Republicans, have the right idea: “print” some cash and send it to Americans, who will then go out and spend it on goods and services they need, thus helping soften the economic blow.

Democrats are blocking this, for no other reason then they don’t want the Republicans to score a populist victory. Instead, the Democrats are trying to get into the good graces of the anti-populist financial sector – and the Wall Street Journal (((editorial board))) – so they can line up the bribes for the coming elections.

Now is the time for the GOP to go hard core populist, nationalist, and start writing checks to Americans. Call it a “dividend” – after all, we are the owners of the country, and since our tax money is going to “bail out” the entire Fortune 500 and the entire financial system – we should get a cut.

Writing checks is a step in the right direction.

Not to mention – when the Indian tribes got their casinos, they realized that the more Indians in the tribe, the smaller the piece of the pie per Indian. So, that gave the Indian tribes a financial incentive to keep people from all of a sudden claiming to be Indian to get some of that casino money.

It will work the same for Americans. The fewer immigrants, the bigger our dividend checks.

Shut the border and start writing checks, Republicans. If you can’t do that – why should anyone vote for you? “Capitalism?” “Free markets?” “Values?” Sorry, keep your religion to yourself.


Eurobollah 4: Never Lets A Crisis Go To Waste

Our elites have no idea what they are doing.

Reading the WSJ articles, opinions, and comments would have anyone selling their stocks – and their suburban and urban real estate – as fast as possible and loading up the family in the SUV and heading for the hills.

Forget the Democrats – the Democrats have absolutely nothing to say except for “Orange Man Bad” and “Republicans are mean.” That’s it, literally, nothing else except for occasionally suggesting expanding Obama’s giveaway to the health insurance companies. Not, mind you, because it will help anyone but simply because Obama proposed it and the Republicans are against it.

The Trump-tards are no better: all they have to say is “Orange Man Good, Lib-ruls Bad!”

But the worst are the conservative and libertarian ideologues. The entire economy is crashing, the banks are salivating for another multi-trillion dollar bailout, and the conservatives and libertarians are VERY WORRIED that some citizen might get a $1,000 check they don’t really “deserve.”

Massive multi-trillion bailouts through the Fed – that’s fine, perhaps not ideal, but necessary. But some poor person getting a measly thousand bucks? That’s socialism don’t you know.

What’s so astonishing is that all of these political arguments are couched in terms of morality as opposed to practicality or self-interest. The “left” wants to portray themselves as “compassionate experts” – which they are anything but. The entire Democratic party is basically “the Mean Girls” calling Trump and their enemies names, especially “stupid” and “racist.”

The conservatives and libertarians – the religious capitalist fanatics – meanwhile are desperately trying to focus everyone’s attention away from Wall Street, the banks, and the rich – who are making out like bandits and have their snouts lined up at the public trough – and instead whining about “socialism” and the “undeserving poor.”

Now is the time for our people – especially, our men – to do some community organizing. While everything is shut down, it’s the perfect time to start taking control of the situation.

If you live in a suburb, now is the time to literally go door to door and introduce yourself to the neighbors. Call yourself the neighborhood watch, or go as representatives of your church. Tell everyone you are making sure everyone has enough toilet paper or water. Wear a mask – and gloves – and do your “social distancing” so everyone knows you are taking it seriously.

When you come across a senior citizen couple or a widow, offer to help mow her lawn or whatever. When you come across (an actual) fellow white man start to feel him out to see whether he is woke or not.

Come across some foreigners who don’t belong here? Start figuring out ways to leverage that situation. Are we in a war, or not? Obviously you don’t do anything criminal, but – hey – maybe put some social pressure on Mr. Pajeet and Mrs. Rahatamaladharma.

“You know, Mr. and Ms. Foreigner, everyone is giving fifty dollars to the neighborhood committee. Surely, you want to be one of us and help, right?” Yes – shake them down using fully legal social pressure. It’s a simple act of tribal conflict – move the fifty dollars from their pockets to our pockets.

Get everyone’s email address and Facebook page. Quickly suss out potential members of the Mannerbund, and find a way to draw them in.

Believe it – our “elites” are anything but. Their great skill is juking the monetary states; they are basically high-scoring video gamers. In a real situation, their talents do not translate.

As the Boy Scouts say, Be Prepared. Things are already collapsing and even though they will go back to almost-normal is a week or so, take advantage of the situation now.

How Trump Can Save Us From Coronachan, Fix The Economy, and Make America Great Again

He had it right when he ran.

  1. Wall Street, just like 2008, is in the middle of a massive deflationary collapse due to massive leverage and derivative fraud. Trump talks about the Fed more than any other President in modern history – Trump talks about the Fed, in a negative sense, more than any other public figure since Ron Paul.

People do not realize the signficance of this. Politicians are supposed to speak of the Federal Reserve Sytem as a neutral, technocratic, “non-political” institution.

Of course the Fed is not “non-political” nor “neutral” in any way. It is the most political institution in America. It is the key power nexus. It’s not the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) – they are merely the figureheads, appointed by the government, that “set policy.” But their constituents are the banks, their owners – literally, the Federal Reserve System is owned by the major banking/financial institutions.

Mere democratically elected politicians, not even the President, are supposed to put public pressure on them, and certainly not in front of the peasants who aren’t even really supposed to know what the Fed is. Trump – because he is in many ways absolutely clueless – is breaking this consensus because he is, rightly, terrified the Fed will pull the rug out from under his “record stock market and black unemployment.”

The Solution:

Cut the Fed out. Make sure all state and local governments are 100% invested in T-bills, and source them directly from the Treasury. No need for the Fed nor their merchant banks.

Do the same with the big pension funds and certain strategic industries. Why keep pretending that the five major Defense Contractors are anything but state-run enterprises? When your only customer is the federal government there is nothing “free market” about your operation. You’re nothing but the Ministry of Missiles.

  1. As the Federal Reserve and their member banks collapse, seize their collateral in bankruptcy court, and go direct MMT. Why “let” the Fed print the money as debt, when the actual government can simply print it directly? Typically, this would cause inflation, but this is impossible now because the entire debt structure is defaulting and they can’t print money fast enough to replace the destruction of the credit/debt money.

Ben Bernake was right – the way to stave off deflation is to drop money out of helicopters. The problem is that the Helicopter money gets immediately scooped up by the banks who use is to “loan” more to people who already can’t pay their debts.

So don’t let the banks interrupt this helicopter money this time and just use it to create more debt, thus making the problem worse. Direct deposit the new money into individual’s credit union accounts.

In fact, let the Post Office provide checking and passbook savings accounts again. The financial industry will hate this, but that means it’s good – finance should be a low-margin industry like a utility, not 25% of the entire economy.

  1. Massive infrastructure spending. Roads, bridges, environmental cleanup. Think about the social effects of this:

Lots of blue collar men immediately put to work in skilled and unskilled jobs. The jobs pay well. As finance dries up, land and housing prices will tank – which is good. The baby boomers are dying off. Without mass immigration, there is plenty of housing at fire sale prices.

All those newly employed blue collar men can now afford houses.

  1. What happens when millions of white men from the working classes have well paying jobs and can afford to buy houses? All that hard work means they get big muscles and high testosterone levels.

Plus, the full bank accounts make them cocky.

What is the effect on women? They literally smell it and start ovulating.

So, Sally and Jenny think, “what am I going to do for the next ten years? Keep flirting with creepy men at the bar and the diner for shitty tips? Keep working ringing the register at Walmart for no pay? Working at a boring, soul crushing office for low pay but decent health insurance?”

“Or … I could just marry Billy, get pregnant, and stay at home and raise the kids. When they are a little older, I can join the church charity, the homeowners association and the local school board.”

We can call the kids resulting from everyone being quarantined the #Coronials.

We can get this done, folks. All we need to do is shut the borders and hang the bankers.

So Is All Of America Shut Down for Coronavirus Now?

I’ve read all public gatherings are banned, all restaurants and bars closed, only grocery stores and gas stations open? Schools are closed for the rest of the semester?

They are cancelling state elections?

It’s being called “the biological 9/11?”

Mitt Romney … Mitt Romney … is calling for an Andrew Yang style UBI?

Trump’s press conference with (((Mnuchin))) was pure theater – (((Mnuchin))) was trying way, way to hard to project how hard he was working during the emergency, etc.

Trump seemed really, really sad his stock market tanked.

Have they declared martial law?

What else is happening while everyone is hunkered down hiding from their neighbors? Someone made a fortune shorting the market and someone is going to made a historical, Rothschild sized fortune buying the entire Fortune 500 for pennies on the dollar.

I’ve read the only deaths are old people, no children. I’m perfectly willing to entertain some conspiracy theories.

Mike Enoch has the right take on Harvey Weinstein

Four or so years ago TDS was (((Daily Stormer))) tier shit, it’s gotten a lot better over the last few years. It hasn’t “softened” – it’s gotten more intellectually rigorous. Actually, it’s gotten more hardcore.

Apparently, (((Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer))) and his charge, Lil Andrew Anglin, have decided that the REAL problem isn’t Harvey Weinstein and Jewish Hollywood’s casting couch. The REAL problem is that White women are whores that want it.

Imagine – Andrew Anglin has the exact same take as Zionist neo-cons like “Lion of the Blogosphere” and all the Jewish trolls defending Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Mike Enoch and his partners are now saying exactly what I’ve been saying for years and years. (((Daily Stormer))) is a Jewish operation. As if that hasn’t been obvious since forever.

The show last week actually named checked me, underhandedly. They said, “you know there are our guys who are ‘hipster nazis’ – that is their handle, ‘HipsterNazi.'”

I’ve never called myself a “nazi” because I’m not – I can’t be, I’m not a German, nor am I a Jewish actor. So I can’t be, by definition, a “nazi.”

But I did “retake” the slur they use for white people – the “n word for white people” – the “R-word.”

But we know Enoch et al reads me and has for years. This is now the third time they have referenced my blogs. You’re welcome. If only they had listened back before “Heilgate” and didn’t help blow up the “Alt Right.”

Anyone whining about women while Hollywood has near complete control of the minds of Americans is simply helping anti-white Ashkenazis.

Enoch’s partner even took it to the next level – these “movement” clowns are lying. They have been told, “lay off the talk about Weinstein, blame slutty white girls instead.”

They didn’t come up with that themselves, they are repeating the talking points they were given.

Remember how “Weev” got his start as an internet troll? He was responsible for hunting ‘online anti-semites’ that were discussing the Israeli role in 9/11.

That is what “Weev” did before he because a (((Hollywood Nazi))) – this isn’t rocket science, folks.

(((Hollywood Nazism))) helps Jews. 9/11 Truth most certainly does not – neither does discussing Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein.

So congrats, TDS, welcome to 2020.

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